Which nightly works best?
As the title really, I'm trying windows XBMC nightly so I can use full features of this skin, and looking for a nightly that is most likely to work, ie, quite stable! Big Grin

Please can someone comment on which version they are using and any issues.


My kit:

Acer Revo 3610
Win 7 64 bit
Network shares on SMB
mmm, seems the nightly download ste is having an issue as if I try to download a windows build it says not found... anyone else?
Ok, I'm trying the nightlies from here: http://mirrors.xbmc.org/nightlies/win32/

but in the add-on repo, it says that most skins are labelled as broken, and when I try to install simplicity from GIT (zip file) it says dependancies not met.

What am I missing here? Any golden date of nightly to use?

i've been using a really old build from 2 months back, seems to have the least kinks in it. let me know if u want me to post it, i dont think they are hosting it anymore on the nightly build page
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Which nightly works best?00