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[AEON NOX] TV Show InfoWall - Episode Titles
I'm really loving Aeon Nox. It is as attractive as Aeon but with the speed of Confluence!

I have managed to configure everything just as I like it with no issues except one:

For TV shows I like to use a list of thumbnails with the episode title (Confluence). This allows for me to quickly find the episode I want based on the thumbnail, and confirm with the episode title. I have found InfoWall (Aeon Nox) to be exactly what I am looking for. However each episode is simply titled 'Episode 1' 'Episode 2' etc, until you highlight it. Then on the right the episode title and info is given.

(In Confluence the titles are listed as "Season#xEpisode#. Title". This format would be ideal)

Can an easy change be made so that I can list the episode titles instead of their number in the InfoWall view for the TV Library?

Just tried this and for the most part it looks better then just the episode number. I'll get this added into svn and git.
Awesome! Thanks!

Can you explain what change is needed to be made so I can manually change it? I'm running Dharma stable and don't want to switch to nightly's just for this Laugh.


See this:
You're the best man! Thanks!!

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