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missing half of musical artist thumbnails?
Hi all,

New to XBMC, but yes I've looked at the wiki, read the help, searched Google, etc etc, to no avail Confused

In my Music library on my Mac, I have it set to Thumbnail view "by artist", and half of my artists don't have downloaded thumbnail images on them; they're just generic XBMC icons. My mp3 files are tagged correctly as far as I can tell, and show the proper artist name and so on. How can I go about getting those thumbnails to appear? I've tried the Last.FM and Freebase scrapers in addition to the default AllMusic scraper, but no luck there either.
Hmmm....okay, maybe I'm onto something. Still not quite getting it though.

I changed the "default scraper" for album and artist sources, in the settings, to Last.FM rather than AllMusic. I did an "update library". Very few additional thumbnails made it into the library.

However, if I right-click an artist (or an album, for that matter), and select "Artist Information" (or "Album Information"), bringing up the info detail screen, and then I hit the "Refresh" button, it brings up a long list of possible "matches" to the name that's shown. If I select the top one in the list (or sometimes second or third), then it seems to "recognize" that, and the thumbnail and often additional info downloads properly.

But this is going to be time consuming to do for X number of artists/albums. Is there any way to non-manually do this?
never mind, it was something I was doing wrong. Fixed.
Hi there,

just out of interest - what was the problem?

I am experiencing the exact same issue and cannot figure out how to resolve it :-(

I seem to get a lot more album thumbnails in library mode than in the file/folder view though.

Any help would be appreciated.
Same problem.

Could someone post a how-to for this?
macOS 10.12, Kodi 17

missing half of musical artist thumbnails?00