Feature Request - SACD/DSDIFF playback in XBMC

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HeresJohnny Offline
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@ironic_monkey This is a bit off-topic, but does your add-on allow to playback DVD-A ISOs? If I remember correctly, MLP was already supported... just no way to get to the files.
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mbze430 Offline
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would be nice to see this add-on develop more. Crackling = crack in the head
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ironic_monkey Offline
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no, the addon is only for sacd's. dvd-a is completely different beasts (i thought they were close to vanilla dvd's apart from a different drm scheme).

sorry guys i've have very little time these days and a single iso sample. it works for that but not for a lot of others (not my code but the underlying library used). combined with the nasty decode in input required and i kinda lost interest. the code is out there, whomever wants to pick it up can do so. last i worked on it i got sidetracked as i *think* ffmpeg somehow supports the dst compression now (to avoid the decode in input), but i have not found out how you are supposed to enable it. it certainly isn't auto-detected.
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