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[AEON NOX] Disable Startup Animation, Speed Up Startup
I'm really loving Aeon Nox on my Atom Dual-Core. I have run into a minor snag though. When XBMC is first turned on there is a lag of a few seconds. Once the tiny weather icon loads above the main menu, then I know XBMC is fully loaded and I can start navigating. If I move left or right before the small weather icon appears, then the menu moves, but the animation is jittery. It is as if other steps are processing in the background preventing the CPU from rendering the menu smoothly.

I already disabled anything I could find for the main menu, but maybe I'm missing something? I doubt the weather scraping itself is causing this slowdown, but is there a list of the processes taking place when XBMC opens? I'm not sure this is an Aeon Nox specific issue, however I am able to get a graphical indicator with it. I looked at Startup.xml for clues, but I'm not sure.

Also, the (very cool) startup animation of the bars flying in renders very slowly on my Atom. Can this be disabled or (preferably) replaced with a simple fade-in effect? I'm happy to edit the XML files accordingly. Of course it may just be slow because of the above issue.


Can I disable or replace the startup animation for Aeon Nox?

Is there a list of processes running at the startup of XBMC before the small weather icon appears, so that I can try to disable some to lesson the load?

Thanks for this awesome skin!

EDIT: Another thought, I use DDS fanart (via AdvancedSettings.XML) which makes my fanart/posters load instantly. I love it, makes the experience so much better on my Atom. I notice the home menu backdrops do not seem to use DDS. I tried researching, however maybe I'm using the wrong keywords. I do not see any discussions about using DDS for the main menu backdrops. Is it possible to allow this?
Don't know about the DDS fanart. I tried to fix the slow startup:

Let me know if this solves it.
I made a new post for DDS backgrounds here:

This seems to be a skin-wide issue (or at least Confluence doesn't seem to do it, therefore neither does Aeon Nox Wink) Hopefully we can find a way to use DDS as a background, as this would make navigating much faster!

I applied your changes to Startup.xml but did not see any improvement. I personally don't use anything on the main menu (last played, recently added, next airtime, etc) and do not run library updates automatically at startup. Can I disable pretty much everything in startup.xml to see if that helps at all? That way we could determine if the slow startup time is caused by startup.xml at all.

Thanks for all the support!

EDIT: After additional tests it seems the change actually slowed down the startup process by about a second or two. The RSS feed begins scrolling, then the weather icon loads a few seconds later. With the previous xml the two started almost at the same time.
I'm also interested in this. Confluence is amazingly fast in comparision. However big noid I'm in love with Nox...just hoping for some extra performance. Btw, is Nox a reference to that old game by chance?

[AEON NOX] Disable Startup Animation, Speed Up Startup00