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No submenus?
Why is there no submenus when you use the alternative menu styles which imo looks much better than the standard one. You can't acess genres or anything.
Videos > Movies > Genres, etc.
If I go into videos I get filemode. I mean that you only can acess the movie titles and tvshows.

The main question is, why are there no submenus for the alternative home styles when there are for the standard one? It's one of the most important assets of a skin, alaska is realy slick otherwise that's why I'm so bothered by this.
I never really thought of a way to do them plus they're also a PITA to code when users want to options to disable this and add that.
Yeah I understand, there are really much nicer than the standard one though, I hate how with every skin there is always something. I must really start to seriously learn this shit myself Tongue

No submenus?00