Advanced Launcher (some console thumbnails)
i know the thread is really old but i cant find thumbnails like this for consoles. Have anybody the .psd-Files or site or pictures for consoles thumbnails in Rectangle Format.

Would be really awesome!

Thanks guys!
Try or Google not exactly helpful but thats where most of us would start
Look in under Game Boxes.. or search for Nintendo, Sega, Atari etc. I've put some DVD shaped console stuff there


Hey I know this is an old thread but had a question. I noticed that in the original pictures you have sort of shortcuts to your consoles from the applications menu without having to launch into advanced launcher. How do I set that up? If I put a link to the advanced launcher program add-on it just brings me to the screen with all my consoles.

You need to set up the emulator as a favourite and then add that favourite to the menu bar and it should work.

I am French, logo emulator for xperience1080
Anyone able to do one for NeoGeo?
This is great, Middle! I have been using some images I scraped off of Google, but yours are much prettier.

Have you considered packaging these up as a "resource" add-on to Kodi (or, possibly multiple "resource" add-ons)? I think that if you published these in that form, it would be possible for another add-on (e.g., Advanced Launcher) to take a dependency on them, and use them out-of-the-box, and users would be automatically updated whenever you published a new version.
Hi Middle. Can I integrate you images from your GitHub repository into Advanced Emulator Launcher Asset Library? You can find more information about Advanced Emulator Launcher here. You and other authors will be properly credited in the README file. The images in this page will be a great contribution Laugh
Hi... anyone?
Your wish is my command..
Square here and Rectangle samples here
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