samsung LED tv sees XBMC but not much else
Hi all,

Well a friend referred me to your software after I saw his home theatre setup. Impressive, love your work. Well all installed on PC in another room which is networked to my tv ( amounst other pc etc ) and runs through an unmanaged switch. Well my TV picks up the XBMC media server as DLNA 4 but thats about it. When I select videos folder in the menu nothing present. Any ideas ?? I'v read your manual and assumed I dont have import to library but have obviously added video files via add source etc. Hope you can assist.

Thanks jpilot

Running win 7
You need to actually have a computer or device running XBMC and connected directly to your TV. While it is possible to use XBMC as a UPnP server, there is no point in doing so. It won't look like or act like XBMC on the networked TV. The skins, the media organization, the add-ons, all of that do not work via UPnP/DLNA.

Your friend's set up had a computer of some kind hooked directly to the TV. If you wish to have that experience then you have a few options. Build a small HTPC, reuse an old computer, or something like mod an ATV2 to run XBMC (not hard and one of the least expensive ways to get an "XBMC box").
yes your tv sees xbmc but xbmc has to have media sources so your tv picks them up too, now also depends on types of media your tv supports.
Thanks for your assistance..I had a feeling this might have been the case and yes I confirmed with my matehe had it directly connected to his TV..cheers
Thx X3lectric I'll have a look at your links..
jpilot Wrote:Thx X3lectric I'll have a look at your links..

the only link you need to add sources to your xbmc so it can show up on your tv listing is this

I doubt any of the links on my sig can help you with this particular problem especially since they all for Linux.

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samsung LED tv sees XBMC but not much else0
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