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XBMC For Windows Phone 7

I'm sorry for the delayed reply.

It's very strange that it doesn't show your movies. It's possible that it has a problem with one of your movies and therefor can't load the list. Could you tell me which XBMC version you're using (Dharma or Eden)? I will look into this.

What do you mean exactly by picking which buttons to use?

I like the subtitles toggle feature, I will definitely add it to my to-do list.
Is this the official XBMC remote app for Windows Phone? Also, the deep link in the topicstart doesn't point to the app. So I can't really find which one is yours...

There's no real official XBMC Remote App for Windows Phone.

The project also has a new home page where you can leave feature and support requests:

The deeplink on the first page has changed when Windows Phone 7 Mango came out. This is the new deep link:



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