I completely forgot how I did this, maybe one of you guys can remind me?
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I am on the Transparency! skin, and on my Acer Revo I created a playlist called HD Movies, and then I added it to my favorites, of which then through the skin I created a button that is labeled HD movies which opens up all my HD movies for me to browse.

Now I got a new AsRock Vision 3D and I am trying to do the same thing, I got the creating a playlist part down, same goes with adding to to favorites and then assigning the button. All is well but whenever I click on the HD movies button, instead of allowing me to browse it just plays ALL my HD movies.

So guys I know I am not much help here but can anyone help me figure out why on my Acer revo am I able to browse through my HD movie collection while on my AsRock I can't? I do remember it having to do with editing something within how favorites and playlists work within XBMC?
before you assign the playlist to the menubuttin,
you need to disable the 'play playlists in menus' option.

from the top of my head, it's in skin settings > home...
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So simple I cant believe I missed that, that did it thank you so much Ronie and keep up the awesome work!

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I completely forgot how I did this, maybe one of you guys can remind me?0
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