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I'm trying to set a custom folder for studio flags so they will show up. I have set the folder in settings to the correct one but it just won't work no matter how many different versions of the code I try. Is this even possible?

<texture background="true" fallback="flagging/studios/default.png">$INFO[,$INFO[Skin.String(StudiosFolder)],.png]</texture>

If the images are in the sameplace of the fallback everything works fine ofc.
You can't have an INFO inside another INFO.
Use <texture>$INFO[Skin.String(StudiosFolder)]$INFO[].png</texture>.
[Image: xp1080-21.png]
Yeah that looks good and should work but it doesn't, anyway I just ignore this idea and piont people to where they should put there images instead.
There isn't a default or correct place to put the flag images because you can use every folder you want... only thing is that it should be in your skin folder, preferably in your skin's media folder. Smile Did you check if $INFO[Skin.String(StudiosFolder)] is actually correct? Does it work if you use <texture>flagging/studios/$INFO[ListItem.Studio].png</texture>. ?
[Image: xp1080-21.png]
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