Apple TV: Can't find System Info
Am I understanding this right, the system info tab is now in the power menu... if that's true, the power menu doesn't exist on ATV2...
so bottom line, how do I know what system build I am running on ATV2 using PM3.HD?
thanks and hope this isn't a question that has been beaten to death.. I did search the forums before posting this...
You are correct but I'm not changing it the iOS guys need to fix the other stuff so the menu shows

but to find out you can always check your xbmc.log file its always written at the top
Is there any way you can tell me how to map a button on the home screen to view sys info? I dont use the Programs button for instance...
If you open up 720p\Home.xml and go to about line 418 you will see things like this
PHP Code:
                    <item id="1">

just add an extra block at the bottom or change on of the current ones to somthing like
PHP Code:
awesome, exactly what I wanted... thank you so much... by far the best skin ever... thanks for your hard work
Hi Bh1644,
I am 1st use XBMC, I follow instruction on YouTube to setting XMBC for remote control by Ipad and I got the same trouble to you, then I found your post by google.
I tried to modify the home.XML file myself by XML editor also from google, but it doesn't work. May you share me your final XML file!
Thank you in advance!
Best regards,
I found the answer, it's great to hide the setting menu there.

Thank a lot for your great product, I never get a GREATE FREE THING like this. I will soon purchase your full version. Many thanks to people who develop the software. Best wishes to all of you and your business.

With best regards,
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