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AutoMovies - (Fully) Automatic movie downloader
AutoMovies is a project I've been working on that I think is (or will become) the ultimate solution in managing movie downloads. I wanted to come here to gauge the reaction from everyone and see what the interest is for an application like this.

Background / rationale:
CouchPotato is awesome (and kudos to Ruud for spending so much time/energy on it), but I've run into many issues managing my downloads that finally prompted me to work on my own implementation.

Current Features: (bold stuff is new)
  • Automatic movie adding from IMDB's top-10 (currently playing in theaters), with many more "adders" to come
  • Scans your defined NZB providers (NZBMatrix, Newznab, etc) periodically for the best quality download (based on your settings), and removes older/shittier versions
  • Downloads automatically to SABnzbd and post-processes the downloads for you
  • "Matches" manager that shows all releases found for each movie, as well as which matches were downloaded. Also, you can manually download matches from this tab or change the quality of a given match (if your settings misidentify the quality of that match).
  • Import existing movie library and choose which movies to 'upgrade'
  • Generates *full* NFO file (along with video/audio data)
  • Downloads posters, fanart, subtitles (from video hash), and trailers
  • Obviously, the ability to add movies and/or start downloads manually
  • Automatic 'failed' detection for downloads
  • Crisp, clean interface that is data-driven and focuses on speed and usability.
  • Tons of settings: qualities, quality profiles, search providers (you can have multiple Newznab and even multiple NZBMatrix [example] providers, defined in order), notifications (XBMC, email, etc), and renamer/post-proc settings with the ability to combine multi-file videos with MEncoder

Here's the first release (0.10):

Details here (make sure to read everything):

In the Pipeline:
  • More NZB search providers
  • More notifications
  • Suggestions?! Now's the best time!

  • Java -- Jetty (web server), Jersey (REST API), Derby (database), OpenJPA (db persistence)
  • Dojo -- Web application

[Image: 1vJnW.png]
[Image: itp9f.png]
[Image: 8Mz7s.png]
[Image: HCPge.png]

[Image: RLLMc.png]
[Image: NB5W6.png]

I've gotta run for now, but I hope this sparked some interest and/or ideas. Please let me know what you think!

P.S. AutoMovies is fully-functional and ready for distribution, but I'd like to work with a small set of folks (privately) at first to work out the kinks.
This seems quite cool I'd ne interested in testing it if it can run headless on Linux.
Happy to help testing. Would run it off Win7x32.

A few feature requests (independent of testing):
* Work with providers others than IMDB for creating NFO, posters and fanart (TMDB, etc.); IMDB is blocked in China and those living there would need otherwise go through a proxy/VPN
* Support trailer download (automatic through IMDB/HD-trailer and also manual through youtube link; NOT automatic from youtube as it will be dependent on search match rather than ID)
* Do not download anything from CP queue (I would say that both work together and yours does not replace CP)
* Besides IMDB top-10 (in theaters), allow top-10 (per-week) or top-10 (per-day) views on TRAKT
* Other sources for top-X (e.g., all academy award winners, all Cannes winners)
* Outlook 2012 - something for music videos ;-)
* Technology: possible to somehow convert to python? I just love the "look&feel" / simplicity of CP, SB, headphones et al.

I am aware that this is a very long list, but you were asking for it ;-)

Thanks a lot. Sounds like really cool work!!!
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it would be nice to see torrent downloading, But thanks for your hard work and dedication to xbmc
hey Smile

the manage function is the most exciting for me Smile i think its the only feature missing from CP... would be happy to test!
Another headless linux tester here if needed.
I could never get CP to work exactly they way I wanted and this seems to be a perfect replacement.
i for one think its great that there is a bit of competition, it can only be good for the end user.

i look forward to testing this out.

there was an idea i read were you can select an actor/actress and all their movies would be downloaded.

say you like "Pirates of the Caribbean" and you want to watch all or just the top 10 most popular (votes or ratings option from IMDB) Johnny Depp movies, would be sweet if you could just have an option that would put those movies on a list/wanted.
Currently running Couch Potato, Sickbeard and SAb, would love to help test this out, way too much spare time i think Smile
Looks interesting I would like to check it out. The screen shots look good.

Any way to add 3D movies search with a sbs or full iso option maybe in the quality settings and a way to add special post processing settings like if it is a 3d iso then you can add *.3d.iso to the naming or if it is a BD iso so that external players can detect the bluray iso?

Great work

Competition is great. Better is to join forces.
+use some recommender system to automatically select which movies to download based on what you previously added or have.
Mar2zz Wrote:Competition is great. Better is to join forces.

I don't see the competition, neither the need to join forces. One basically works like a wish list (CP), which will primarily allow me to keep movies on a "wanted" list. I use this primarily for "older" movies.

The new one is primarily a movie database, which keeps track of all my movies in XBMC and allow "quality upgrades".

Both are equally suited to have a function to add "latest movies" based on IMDB, which is the area with the biggest overlap.

For CP to upgrade itself to a database system is a huge and massive change to how it currently is designed. I believe that Ruud will almost need to start from scratch. I would go as far that it may be easier to start off the SB to accomplish that given it has more in common. I always hoped that SB would go into movies, but there is no interest at this point of time.
Server: Asus Sabertooth Z77 | Intel Core i5 3.4 GHz | 16 GB DDR3 | 128 GB SSD, 82 TB (9 x 6 TB, 7 x 4 TB)
HTPC 1: Raspberry Pi 2 | HTPC 2: Raspberry Pi 2 | HTPC 3: Raspberry Pi
an NZB service similar to "Sickbeard Index" were it is geared toward this software and is free.

but for this i would recommend working with CP as I dont know how much of a big task it is.

maybe ask the creators of Sickbeard for advice?
as long as I can run it on UnRaid then I cant wait to try it.
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+support for automatic subtitles download Smile
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