Showmix Aeon Skin questions
Hey guys just a couple of questions for Showmix Aeon users.
I have a hauppage MCE remote.
I cannot seem to get my remote to go to the corresponding letter press
(i.e i used to press 8 on the remote and it would cycle to T,U,V etc. making it alot easier to navigate to areas in the media library without searching for "XYZ Action movie"

Also another thing, some of my titles have downloaded subtitles, is there an easy way to disable them?

thanks all, been trying to have a fiddle but im semi retarded it seems
mindrage, I don't have a solution to your remote problem, but I think there is a setting under library settings that you can set to disable subtitle downloads. I've got the same remote and will take a look when I get a moment to see if I get the same behaviour.

Question regarding custom playlists in showmix.
I've installed showmix 3.0 now and it's awesome! Smile
What I would like is to be able to do a library view navigation to different types of media in my library from the home screen.
i.e movies, tv shows, documentaries, home movies, extras, settings etc.
I've read that custom playlists would achieve this?
I've tried it with just adding favourites as menu items, but this only shows file listing view and not library mode view.
Does anyone have a guide for setting up custom playlists via showmix?

Hi mindrage,

Post your question to ZombieRobot on this thread
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