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XBMC freezes on Exit
Brand new to this Media Centre so apologies up front.

Installed all OK last night (and all excited as I've been running Meedio for 4 years) and the first issue is that XBMC will lock on exit, can't even bring Task Manager up to kill the process Sad

Any thoughts?

Many thanks
Hello, fellow ex-Meedio user here, but not for many years. XBMC does what I need it to do so no need to battle with Meedio anymore.

Firstly, post the details of your system. What version of windows, processor, RAM, video drivers, what version of XBMC etc.

To diagnose the problem you'll need to provide a log file. When XBMC starts it should have created an %Appdata%/XBMC directory (just type %APPDATA% in the run dialog and it should start windows explorer in the %APPDATA% directory and you'll be able to see the XBMC subdirectory). Use the wiki to determine the actual location of the XBMC userdata directory for your system. Start here and then check here.

In the XBMC useerdata directory create a new text file called advancedsettings.xml. You may want to download a program called notepad+ to edit this file. In the advancedsettings.xml file you need to specify the log level you want for debugging (the default log level will be too low to explain some problems). Look at the wiki here for details of the advancedsettings.xml file. The detail you want is
    <loglevel hide="true">3</loglevel>
Or even easier - just turn on debug logging under Settings | System | Debug but this will display an OSD debug so its not pretty

Start XBMC again and exit so it crashes or hangs. The go to your userdata folder and open the xbmc.log file that has been created, use notepad or notepad+ to do this. Copy the contents of this file to and then post the link for your log file here. This will give people something to help diagnose your problem.
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So many thanks for the newbie help and I should know better about posting configs/hardware, I work in IT!! Think the excitement got to me!

Time to begin debug mode Smile I'll post back.

Thanks once again
Debug on: here's the log:

Running on XP SP3
Nvidia MB
ATI x850

Running VNC 4.x to allow remote mouse/KB (for now)
Win FW on
AVG (latest)

Looks like it's something to do with the weather Rolleyes

Something to note: CPU runs at 100% all the time XBMC runs (seems rather heavy use without even playing a vid)

From a VNC window I can occasionally force a Task Manager and although response is poor can kill the XBMC process.

Any thoughts more than welcome.

Can you repeat that process again, this time leave XBMC running without doing anything for approx 20 minutes and then repost the log file.
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No problem, many thanks for your assistance, it's much appreciated.

As a side note, it happens on any icon that's presented, i.e Shutdown, Exit, Standby etc..

Will update shortly Nerd
Can you start XBMC with the debug logging enabled i.e. enable debug logging then close XBMC (killing it as necessary) then start it again. That will give us more info about the startup process.

There are a few known bugs in v10.1 that can cause a hang on exit. One is an error in the video code that can leave a thread hung. Having debug logging on from the start will help identify or eliminate this as a cause. The RADEON X850 is quite an old card, so video problems are a possibility.

The 100% CPU is generally caused by having vsync disabled, or indeed by inadequacies in the video driver. Go to System settings, System, Video output and check that the Vertical blank sync is set to "Always enabled". If it is enabled and you still get 100% cpu the problem is probably the video drivers. If your motherboard has a PCIe x16 slot a cheap video card like an NVIDIA G210 or 9400GT would probably fix the CPU and the hang on shutdown.


Thanks for the reply, here's the new log file

vertical blank is enabled Sad

Yep, the trusted x850 is getting on, but were so expensive when I bought them I thought I'd put one to use....not surprised it's not supported if I'm honest.

However, it appears fixed. I changed to vsync disabled, the CPU dropped to 50% and will now exit fine.....weird, but many thanks.
Here's the new log:

Will I lose performance in terms of video playback or tearing or another side effect?

I note there's an error in the log of the hung session:


This isn't present after you disabled vsync so I'd guess there is some problem with the video drivers.

Having vsync disabled shouldn't cause any playback problems. It generally increases CPU usage when in the menus because XBMC will be refreshing as fast as it can as opposed to refreshing at the video hardware refresh rate. If you go to the home page then arrow down to System, press the right arrow and select System info you'll probably see that actual refresh rate is a lot faster than the hardware refresh rate. In your case of course it decreases CPU!

Thanks JR, much appreciated.

All the best and what a GREAT product you are developing Smile

XBMC freezes on Exit00