[WIP] "Breeze"

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Eddage Offline
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What started as a slight mod of Aeon Nox has turned into a full fledged new skin project! Breeze has been in the works since August and now that the alpha release is getting closer (still giving a definite date [noparse]Tongue[/noparse] I thought it was time to update this first post.

I wanted to create a light theme, something which seemed to be lacking when I first downloaded XBMC and this is what came of it (beware lots of images!)...

Home page...

[Image: screenshot001-2.jpg]

Now playing stuff...

[Image: screenshot002-2.jpg]

Some views...

[Image: screenshot003-1.jpg]


[Image: screenshot004-3.jpg]

Big thanks have to go out to Big_Noid who helped me when I first started editing Aeon Nox (and for creating the skin in the first place)!

I'll try to keep these first posts updated more so than before.

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Eddage Offline
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  • UPDATED: Horizontal home screen - 3 of the music tiles now customisable
  • UPDATED: LoginScreen.xml
    • 12/07/2012
      • CODED: DialogSlider.xml
      • CODED: MyVideoPlaylist.xml
      • CODED: MyWeather.xml
      • UPDATED: Default background image for all windows
      • UPDATED: MyMusicPlaylist.xml
      • UPDATED: script-globalsearch-infodialog.xml
      • UPDATED: script-globalsearch-contextmenu.xml
      • UPDATED: Viewtype_InfoList.xml
      • UPDATED: Viewtype_Episodes.xml
        • 11/07/2012
          • CODED: DialogPeripheralSettings.xml
          • CODED: DialogPeripheralManager.xml
            • 10/07/2012
              • CODED: LoginScreen.xml
              • CODED: LockSettings.xml
              • CODED: ProfileSettings.xml
              • CODED: SettingsProfile.xml
                • 09/07/2012
                  • CODED: Dialog AddonSettings.xml
                  • UPDATED: Horizontal home animations
                    • 08/07/2012
                      • CODED: DialogTextViewer.xml
                      • CODED: DialogAddonInfo.xml
                        • 04/07/2012
                          • CODED: DialogNumeric.xml
                          • CODED: script-RSS_Editor-setEditor.xml
                          • CODED: script-RSS_Editor-rssEditor.xml
                          • UPDATED: DialogKeyboard.xml
                          • UPDATED: SettingsSystemInfo.xml
                          • UPDATED: Settings.xml
                          • UPDATED: SettingsCategory.xml
                          • UPDATED: customSkinSettings.xml
                          • FIXED: context menu for metro home
                            • 03/07/2012
                              • UPDATED: DialogVideoInfo.xml to incorporate music videos better
                              • UPDATED: to DialogFullScreenInfo.xml to incorporate music videos better
                              • UPDATED: to ViewType_List.xml to incorporate music videos better
                              • REMOVED: 'more info' from Viewtype_BannerList.xml and Viewtype_PosterFixed.xml
                                • 29/06/2012
                                  • CODED: SmartPlaylistRule.xml
                                    • 28/06/2012
                                      • CODED: SmartPlaylistEditor.xml
                                      • CODED: MyMusicPlaylistEditor.xml
                                      • UPDATED: MusicOSD.xml <visible> tags to match VideoOSD.xml
                                      • FIXED: icon for "None" in Dialogselect.xml
                                      • FIXED: overlapping text in DialogSelect.xml
                                      • FIXED: issue of title showing up twice when viewing episodes in Viewtype_List.xml
                                      • FIXED: episode number/title in Viewtype_Episode.xml
                                        • 27/06/2012
                                          • FIXED: fallback imagery for music views
                                          • FIXED: fallback imagery for tv show/movie views
                                            • 26/06/2012
                                              • CODED: VideoFullScreen.xml
                                              • UPDATED: Changed colour of focused icon in ViewType_List.xml (to match file browser)
                                              • ADDED: scrollbar to DialogContentSettings.xml
                                              • ADDED: scrollbar to DialogMediaSource.xml
                                              • ADDED: "PAUSED" label to now playing tile on metro homescreen
                                              • FIXED: DialogMuteBug.xml positioning
                                              • FIXED: DialogKaiToast.xml positioning
                                                • *****0.5.0*****

                                                  • CODED: MusicOverlay.xml
                                                  • CODED: VideoOverlay.xml
                                                    • 25/06/2012
                                                      • CODED: MyMusicSongs.xml
                                                        • 19/06/2012
                                                          • CODED: FileBrowser.xml
                                                          • UPDATED: DialogMuteBug.xml
                                                          • UPDATED: DialogVolumeBar.xml
                                                          • UPDATED: the dialogs for custom tiles
                                                          • UPDATED: Cleaned up the 'Home' category in skin settings
                                                          • UPDATED: DialogMediaSource.xml
                                                          • UPDATED: Dialog ContentSettings.xml
                                                            • 10/06/2012
                                                              • CODED: PlayerControls.xml
                                                              • FIXED: issue of now playing film cover not showing on homescreen np tile
                                                                • 07/06/2012
                                                                  • CODED: DialogSongInfo.xml
                                                                  • UPDATED: Startup.xml (hopefully fixed the watchlist script issue)
                                                                  • FIXED: icon inconsistnecy for Viewtype_List.xml and Viewtype_LowListMusic.xml
                                                                  • FIXED: double title issue when viewing all episodes of a tv show in Viewtype_List.xml
                                                                    • *****0.4.0*****

                                                                      • CODED: DialogAlbumInfo.xml
                                                                        • 26/04/2012
                                                                          • CODED: script-XBMC_Lyrics-main.xml
                                                                          • CODED: VisualisationPresetList.xml
                                                                          • CODED: MusicOSD.xml
                                                                          • CODED: MyMusicPlaylist.xml
                                                                          • CODED: MusicVisualisation.xml
                                                                          • ADDED:'Ocean' theme (currently only for testing puropses - only window that's affected is visualisation[12006])
                                                                            • 14/04/2012
                                                                              • UPDATED: Re-sized cd art for Vietype_LowListMusic.xml
                                                                                • *****0.3.1*****

                                                                                  • UPDATED: Cleaned up "enable views" section of skin settings
                                                                                  • UPDATED: Added shutdown button to settingscategory.xml
                                                                                  • UPDATED: Added option to show/hide watched icon on episode and lowlist view
                                                                                  • UPDATED: Moved horizontal menu above tiles
                                                                                  • FIXED: featured films/albums onclick issue
                                                                                    • *****0.3.0*****
                                                                                      • Other changes that I forgot to write down as I went along....
                                                                                      • UPDATED: current views to keep consistent style
                                                                                      • UPDATED: Added Horizontal/Metro home view
                                                                                        • *****0.2.0*****

                                                                                          • UPDATED: DialogVideoInfo.xml
                                                                                            • 27/02/2012
                                                                                              • CODED: script-Actors-DialogInfo.xml (Metadata Actors addon)
                                                                                                • 26/02/2012
                                                                                                  • CODED: script-globalsearch-main.xml
                                                                                                  • UPDATED: DialogVideoInfo.xml
                                                                                                  • UPDATED: DialogButtonMenu.xml (changed shutdownmenu for home screen)
                                                                                                  • UPDATED: DialogBusy.xml
                                                                                                  • UPDATED: DialogMuteBug.xml
                                                                                                  • UPDATED: DialogKaiToast.xml
                                                                                                  • UPDATED: Addon.xml to recognise sources of inspiration
                                                                                                  • ADDED: icons to shutdown menu
                                                                                                  • ADDED: option to run global search from shutdown menu
                                                                                                  • ADDED: global search script as dependency
                                                                                                  • ADDED: artwork downloader integration
                                                                                                  • REMOVED: logo downloader dependency
                                                                                                    • 25/02/2012
                                                                                                      • CODED: DialogContentSettings.xml
                                                                                                      • UPDATED: Changed default keyboard focus to "Done"
                                                                                                      • UPDATED: DialogFullScreenInfo.xml to account for movies with no tagline
                                                                                                      • REMOVED: RSS feed (until horizontal menu is done)

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pettson3816 Offline
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Post: #3
Bravo Bravo! This is amazing stuff and i hope that we will see a working release perhaps in this year? Smile
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Tobby Offline
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Post: #4
Looks great! WHen can we use it?
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liquidskin76 Offline
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Post: #5
Looks very nice indeed! I like the osx style bar at the top. Keep going dude, don't give in!

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DPickles Offline
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Post: #6
looking very nice and sleek. I especially like the osd. Will be interesting to see what kind of home screen you come up with.

[Image: watched-fanart.jpg]
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Amra Offline
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Post: #7
Looks good. I like what you've done so far. Nod
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butchabay Offline
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Post: #8
Thumbs UP !! Very nice.
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Jimmeh Offline
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Post: #9
Oooh so pretty! Particularly the OSD is great. Looking forward to seeing it develop.

Are you referring to 2012 as the stable release or the testing alpha/beta phase?
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eumel Offline
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Post: #10
Very nice, but the fonts are to small for my screen.
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DannyDroid Offline
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Post: #11
I love it!
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SpectreX Offline
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Post: #12
Mockup of the home screen :

[Image: RecentlyAddedMockup.png]
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htpc guy Offline
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Post: #13
Looks great. Subscribed so I can watch the progress. Home screen looks great btw. Very much a mix of Alaska and Aeon which is a good thing.

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Jaypeg Offline
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Post: #14
Everything looks nice, fresh and white Big Grin

Looking forward to see more from you
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Morbeas Offline
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Post: #15
Would it be possible to show the IMDb rating as numbers instead of stars?

Awesome skin otherwise, can't wait to get my hands on it! Big Grin
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