Seek/Skip/Segmented Streaming (Online Media)
Good Day XBMC Community.

I recently started to use XBMC, and i think its great. I use it mostly for Online Media (Videos), and that's where a problem comes in.

Seeking in local files will be no big deal. The source media is locally present at any time, so it can just jump to your desired point.

Online Media on the other hand, needs to get downloaded first to be accessible. So far so good. Using a Web Browser, seeking beyond what is already downloaded is handled by breaking/cutting the stream and just start at the new defined point, starting a new "segment" (typically by pressing in the seekbar).

XBMC seem to not share this essential behavior though and need to wait till it completely downloaded the media to the point, which you want it to jump forward to.

So as you might guess, my question will be:

Is there a way (either built in or by workaround) to let XBMC jump to a point without the need to wait for the whole download process?

Searching the Forums and Web didn't gave me an answer (or maybe i searched for the wrong keywords) , so i hope for you guys.

newer ffmpeg (backported into ours) does flv segments.

I tried to update ffmpeg, but it didn't seem as easy as just replacing some files.

I ended up trying the latest nightly and it seem to work from what I've tested so far. Nice.

So as long as this unstable version doesn't come with too much negative side effects, i stay on that till the next stable comes out (which should have that feature built in judging from the nightly).
With the latest stable version (Dharma 10.1), seeking works. At least for the videos I tried it did. (Hulu and youtube streams) You can seek with either the directional keys or by entering a time and jumping to it.

Pause does not fully work (if you pause for awhile, on resume it plays out the current buffer and stops)

Fast forward does not work either.

Which streams are you trying?
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