Nice Way to Complement XBMC
Hi guys!

i didn't know where to post this but uhm,
if im in the wrong section, would a MOD please move my thread?
thx Smile

Ok, Long Story short,
of course i use XBMC for media playback
but for web Streaming,
i definitely prefer using my Internet Browser
as nothing beats the real deal Smile

So i found a neat little website that i use as HomePage,
which gives me an App like Grid interface for choosing my
favorite websites!
Here's a screenie of what u can do:


note also that its fully customizable!
backgrounds, icon Links, icon style and more ,,,,

ENJOY --> Smile
Thanks I was kinda looking for something like this a while ago.
I was trying to figure out how to get it to launch a local file. I tried things like file:// and various other combinations.
oh that is just great!

Very useful, since we have a touchscreen PC mounted on our wall. This makes it super easy to use. Other solutions haven't been so great.

I also need to launch local files though, I wonder how we can sort that one out.
what do u mean by launch local ??
Just wondering but how exactly do you access this on your htpc? do you just minimize xbmc and open up web browser or what?
well yeah, if you want!

its simply a website like any other,,,

so they way you launch your web browser is on you,,,

Quit XBMC, launch web Browser
Stay in XBMC, use Browser launcher addon

whatever Tongue
Im going to look into that browser addon thanks!
eskro Wrote:what do u mean by launch local ??

Instead of launching a web url launch an app on your machine. Use it for more than just a web site favorite list.
Thanks, this is great. Now all they need is an XBMC icon to link you to the forums.
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