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Play trailers for local movies?
I have seen in other skins. That when i have selcted a local movie, ex. "Tron". Then i can push the irght keyboard arrow, and then a trailer from youtube or other online services is streamed directly on the screen.

How can this be enabled in Alaska?
It's in the Info screen.
Hitcher Wrote:It's in the Info screen.

Where excactly.. I can't find it :/
Edit: I found the info menu by pressing "I" on the remote.

As far as i can see, many movies are missing trailers.

EX. When i use Mediaportal, it can find 99% trailers for my movies (Youtube search)

Where does XBMC grab trailers from? Since the amount is lower than mediaportal?

Can Youtube be added for searching trailers?

Play trailers for local movies?00