Scraping movies with NFO files
I have a collection of Blu-ray rips that are in standard BD folder structure with nfo files that have proper naming and info as per this page here. When I scrape the folder containing my rips, the nfo files are ignored regardless of which scraper I use. How can I fix this?

Thanks guys.
How you linked your question with a development topic?
I moved it to a more proper place...
olympia Wrote:How you linked your question with a development topic?
I moved it to a more proper place...

Instead of having a go at him and questioning his reason for posting in a certain section, it might be nice if you as a Team Member can help him out with his question!
Can you give a little more information.

* What is the directory structure of your BR rips?
* Can you see and play all the files through library or file mode and if so is it only the reading of the .nfo files that is the problem?
* Can you post a sample .nfo at or similar and put a link here.
* Can you turn on debug logging (Settings | System | Debugging) and scan your BR rip source and then post the resulting log at and put the link here. The location of your log file and other such info can be found in the wiki
* Have you tried deleting the existing video db so that XBMC is forced to obtain new metadata to populate the library?
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I'm working him on this, so i can answer the questions.

The movies are ripped in a standard bluray folder structure.

We can play the movies fine.

We have tried delete the database.

Here is the setup we are using.

We have a windows homeserver that rips the blu rays using My Movies. We have My Movies configured to generate the nfo's for xbmc. We have tried using the default xbmc scraper, and the My Movies scraper , and have tried changing the various settings of the scrappers. In each case the scraper ignores the NFO file.
simplechords Wrote:anyone?

One thing first. You need to be patient. You can't expect others to give an answer within a couple of hours. We have lives you know...

The debug log when scraping?
What is the filename of the nfo?
It should be named:
"Movie name.nfo"

Or "movie.nfo" but then you must turn on the scraping option "only one movie per folder"
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