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DVB-S USB TvHeadend
Does someone has any experiences with using DVB-S USB on AppleTV?
I'm thinking to implement QBOX3 or. QBOX2 on AppleTV with chrystalbuntu to replace my Dreambox.

Now i have some questions:
- is qbox usb card ok also for HDTV signal? Do you recommend Qbox2 or. Qbox3? Q3 has blind scan option.
- Will EPG for satelite work?
- will atv decode the video with chrystalhd card? At least in the near future, so that i will be able to receive HDTV and let the card decode the video?
- do you recommend any other DVB-S usb card which will be able to receive HDTV channels?
better ask for this on tvheadend's forum or irc channel.
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