Alignment issues?
Hello everyone, I am having a few issues with this skin but I do absolutely love it, and would love to know how to fix these issues. Thanks stoli, I know you hear that a lot, but I loved Night and then ran across your skin and it was even better!

My problems so far:

1. On the home screen, where TV Shows, Weather, etc.. is on the strip going across the screen, the words aren't centered in the middle of the strip. I see others screen shots and they're right on the money. So there's some issue there for me.

2. At the top where it shows the date, the year almost always hangs over the space allotted so 2011 usually hangs over and I have the "11" floating at the end of the bubble.

3. Where the weather is at the top, the weather usually works fine unless it's a triple digit day (which has been a lot lately) and then it will go over it's edge. Where the time is next to the weather, I always show a ".." after the time. On other's screen shots I see AM or PM.

4. For the RSS ticker at the top, the bottom of the letters also are able to be seen under the "bubbles" where the weather, time, and date is.

What can I do to fix these problems? Or should I download a nightly build and see if that fixes anything? I'm currently using the theme from XBMC's built-in add-ons downloader.

A secondary thing that I would love to have is the ability to choose genre's in music. I read through the forums that it's been taken out? I read on and it said it would be available to those who wanted it, or something of the sort. And lastly is there any way if I get genres back in, to randomly play within a genre?

Still nothing? Anybody have any ideas as to what my problem could be?
Does this happen only with the Neon Skin?
Are you using a 4:3 monitor or 16:9?

As for Genres in music, they are still there...
Have you done a screen calibration within XBMC settings, especially making sure the edges are aligned properly?
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Using 16:9, 47" 1080p, screen calibration has been done marking the arrows to the corners.

On the genre thing, I'm thinking that it's my library on that one. It's networked and every time that I select Music from the home menu, it asks for add-ons or My Music (the shared folder), so it's like it really hasn't imported the folder.

One thing I did notice when viewing some screen shots of Neon, is that instead of it saying August 19, 2011 they would say Aug. 19, 2011. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. I checked out other skins like Aeon Nox and where the date and time is there, the lettering doesn't go beyond the space alotted. I'll try to upload a screen shot sometime so you guys can see what's going on here.
I'd suggest using a nightly xbmc build and Neon from either git or the Passion repo. I've not heard of the issues you are seeing in either Dharma or Eden builds, but it will certainly be easier to trouble shoot in new builds.
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