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If you are like me, then you make heavy use of the great tools SickBeard and Couchpotato. You also have a few XBMC installs located around your house, fed by a nice chunky NAS. You also don't like throwing your money at electricity companies, so everything you've built is energy efficient and you don't like leaving things powered on if they don't need to be. I also hate to have to wait for XBMC to update itself before I can watch my new TV and movies.


So, to keep my media libraries updated by my media managers, I use a shared MySQL database that all of my XBMC installs talk to. I also run XBMC in a VM that keeps the libraries updated (This is the XBMC that SickBeard and Couchpotato talk to). This means I don't have to have my HTPC's sucking expensive electricity all day, it just means only my VM server is whirring away.

So I thought to myself, why don't I create a tiny version of XBMC that only does the media library stuff and doesn't actually get used for playing any media? This could easily be written in PHP or Python and sit on a webserver, instead of having to have a VM or a physical machine running all day, waiting for library updates.

I figured there will be others like me out there who will find this useful, so I am going to start putting this together over the next few weeks. When it is ready, I will post some code so you guys can let me know if you think it is useful or not. Also, any help or suggestions are welcome from the outset!

Watch this space...


This is great exacalty what i need, my server has plenty of disk space but only a old Celeron and when sabnzbd starts to unrar large files the xbmc window often crashes due to resources
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You're not the first one with this idea. This is the latest/ongoing topic about it: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=105883
I'm not sure what exactly you try to achieve.
My thought was that the best thing for some kind of xbmc backend would be not a new distribution like openelec is but as a package of some scripts and a nice web gui.
The idea is to install a regular debian distribution and in end to install the xbmc backend package.
I guess you can have this script works on any other linux distribution.
From then on you will have a nice web gui you can access to add different packaged like SickBeard and Couchpotato and a home page to access all this apps.
The main benefit from this would be easy deployment and maintenance by linux noobs.
The first thing that pop out was Amahy, the only thing is i really don't like their idea to have Amahy run as dhcp and dns server, and i did found it quiet unstable when i tried it (along time ago, things probably changed).
If a project like this would exist, i guess developers will slowly would try to unified the gui of the different apps, although it isn't mandatory.
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