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Please Check the Readme in Homeicons Folder
In desperate need of help. I work for the Barbican Art Gallery in London, UK and we are currently testing this software to see whether it'll run as a kiosk mode. I currently have it set up how I need however there is one minor problem, on the home menu the icons appear as Please Check the Readme in Homeicons Folder. I wish to remove this or at least change it for something a bit more visually pleasing. I have XBMC installed on a Mac OS X system, of which accessing the files of applications I'm ont custom to. If anybody is able to give me help it'll be appreciated. Email or reply to this post for any infomation that might be of use,

Thank you,

Jack Gilmour
Dont worry people, Now using Rapier which is better for whats needed.

Please Check the Readme in Homeicons Folder00