I have just discovered your software and have a question to ask if anyone would care to answer.

I have been running Windows Media Centre as an extender from my PC but have found that some HD content is jerky ETC. I have a direct LAN cable from my powerful PC directly to the Xbox.

I am using Mediabrowser and have shrunk my meta data such as posters because I am informed that if you have a lot for each film then it slows down the connection.

So my question is do you think my experience would be better using your software as opposed to WMC?

Thanks in advance.

XBMC is great for plugins. Everything from video streaming to audio streaming, to photos. Plus having Navi-X and Icefilms is a big plus. XMBC isn't that good for local media files or TV Tuner cards. I know you can use Myth Box with MythTV, but I'm too lazy to go through Hell and back to setup MythTV for Windows.

Where as in my experience. WMC is is great for TV Tuner Cards and local media files. Plus if you stream any .asx internet live streaming videos, they work the best in WMC. Because they are naively Windows Media Player supported. Most plugins for WMC suck.

In the end other I have their pros and cons. Thats why I use both WMC and XBMC. Basically if one does something better than the other, I use the one that does it best and vice versa. I even use Boxee and Hulu Desktop for some things. I wish there was a media center that could do every I want, but sadly none do. Thats why I use all these programs and I can do everything I want to do.
Ditto for what purewitz said.

I tried to get WMC to work for me for everything... it was a PITA and not a easy to use, even with add-ons from others (some free, some pay).

I use WMC only for Live TV (OTA 1080i) and DVR, then XBMC for everything else.
I use Eventghost to do the automation of the PC - translates the remote's IR based on what app is open, resets hardware & software if/when necessary, etc. All I need is basic remote and EG handles all the switching apps, etc.

I'd love to see XBMC be the front-end for WMC one day - though I doubt it will happen. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to get a fully integrated tuner/DVR app in XBMC.
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
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