Play/download podcasts and videocasts (podcasting streams) in XBMC?
flamaest Wrote:yes, someone really needs to build something like or democracy player into xbmc. this would be a freaking revolution!!!!

isn't democracy written in python?

i would cancel my cable asap!!!

Anyone? I would Love to be able to download Video Podcasts to my Xbox HD and not stream it!! Does anyone know a way to Do this? Like a Democracy Player/Downloader for XBMC!!!
i would also be very interested in finding out if anyone can do this.
there are scripts for dltv, revision3 (diggnation etc) and twit now available if anyone is interested...
I know there hasn't been any activity on this thread in a while, but google searches keep bringing me back here. My question is this: Is there now an addon, plugin or method that allows you to subscribe to a custom podcast link, check at preset intervals for new media and download to the local hard drive? I have been able to add rss sources to XBMC but these only stream which can be problematic if files are large and network is slow. I am looking for a solution that will check for new podcast media periodically throughout the day and download files as they become available so that they can be viewed locally and "buffer free" at the end of the day. Something that will work on AppleTV 1 or OSX. Anyone?
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Play/download podcasts and videocasts (podcasting streams) in XBMC?00