Play/download podcasts and videocasts (podcasting streams) in XBMC?
how come no one it seems has picked up on podcasting for xbmc? if you do not know what podcasting is please read this wikipedia defination -

the basic idea is, that a rss feed has an enclosure element which points to a location where to download media (typically a mpeg3 or torrent file). there are already 100's of podcasts from radio stations to homebrew broadcasters. but theres no douht that its a great resource of media and video wont be that far behind in the near future.

usually a little program like ipodder or doppler reads the rss feeds every few hours and collects the content from the enclosure element when it comes across one. i can imagine this being very easy to do as a python script in xbmc, maybe as a background task while you watch films or listen to music not from the internet. actually i believe ipodder is actually written in python already!!!

i've already seen two python scripts which can do pretty much what i've said they just need to be put together. and download its just a shame i'm not a python programmer...
see -- damn i seem to be plugging his site often.
yep great stuff!!! need to subscribe to the site rss as i keep coming back to it now and then.
to play podcasts in xbmc?
you realize podcasts are just mp3's right?
so use ipodder to download them to a shared directory on your computer and link that in xbmc for playback, voila! instant podcasts...
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no thats what i currently do.

i think it would be great to not only play podcasts in xbmc but to beable to subscribe to them like what ipodder does at the moment. in the same way the xlink kai client was moved in to xbmc, so should the ipodder client is my feelings. and yes that would allow for broadcatching style downloads in the future too.

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this is a question and an offer. i am interested in exploring a script that would allow fairly easy distribution of video files via stream or d/l (preferably streaming) i do not know much about scripting or streaming but am a fairly quick study and do have space for hosting.

my proposal would be to work with someone who is familiar with these and i can afford to chip in a little dough if someone is interested. honestly i dont know if what i am interested in is easy or difficult so could not venture to guess what it would be worth.

essentially think of a cross between launch browser (very nice work by the way) and ipodder. more details of course if someone is interested.

i would want to make sure it was there for the taking on the scripts page so others could just use it if they found it interesting.

yes, this will become important soon. the combination of rss and mp3 have blown up since august, there are over 1000 different podcasts being distribute as we speak, its been an amazing phenomenon. thanks to rss Smile

the next step is obviously going to be video. tivo announced at ces last week that they will support the downloading of content from the web via enclosures within rss feeds, essentially video podcasts. this is going to be huge, not only will people be able to do this on a computer, but on their tivo as well, where video should be viewed (xbmc has proved that Wink

xbmc should definatly get in on this, and not just in a script, but in an actualy interface. sure the demand is low now, but it would be really nice to have something ready to go once this idea gets larger.

one key feature would have to be bittorrent support. when video podcasters start doing this, they will most definatly use bittorrent to save on bandwidth costs. podcasters are doing it now, and when video comes about, its going to be much larger.

like i said, tivo has already announced their support, that alone will get this going, i'd really love to see xbmc be on the ball with this, and get it first. imagine, subscribing to a feed and getting new content all the time. sit down on the couch, flip over to xbmc, and check whats new. you could have daily content right there on your xbox, with no effort, just subscribe. its gonna be great.

just think.... add that feed from the "daily get hit in the nuts video" and every day get a new video of someone getting hit in the nuts with something. hehehh. c'mon. you know the internet has that kind of content.

heres to hoping, something comes about.
ok podcasting is increasing in popularity and ive been listening to adam curry's "daily source code" ever since i got my mp3 player, so i was wondering if it was possible to add support to view the podcast directory and then download a selected stream, i know podcasting is mainly for portable mp3 players but i tought it would be pretty cool to have the option of downloading and listening to them on my xbox, any one else? and is it doable?
ok i was thinking that maybe this would be quite easy to do, as far as i know podcasts are received via rss feeds and we know xbmc can receive rss feeds already, so is it possible to intergrate podcasting, as it seems the functions are already there and just need tweaking.

im no developer but i just assume that this suggestion is more practical than others, any one else able to shed some light?
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i think this is a good idea, and it sounds like an ideal "my first python script". try rallying support for it the python support/requests forum and some hero is bound to pick it up eventually

for anyone who wants to write this, here's some links: - list of podcasts
description of rss files
and help(minidom), help(urllib)
ok ive asked int he features section here and was redirected to you guys. so im asking it simply can any1 make a podcast script, so that you can view the podcast directories and schedule downloads
cheers for your suport m8, ive posted in the python forum, hopefully some1 will scrape something together
i wanted to reuquest of it is posible to intergrate podcasting. it is already build in itunes but itsn't yet in xbmc. you can use a python script but it would be great if it is suport natively.
hallo @all,

know someone python scripts, which concerns itself with this topic? e.g. and

sorry for my bad english :nuts:
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does xbmc support podcasting (swedish - podradio)? it's some kind of radio channel subscription. i have provided one link below:
sri radio sweden

it's new for me, but i would like to use it. the following freeware can handle podcasting today for windows:
blogmatrix jäger
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