xbmc-live - tvheadend - winfast dtv2000ds
Hi all.

Just wondering if anyones got the dtv2000ds working on an xbmc-live install??

I can get my old dvb-t USB stick working perfectly but it onyl has a single tuner so wanted to change to a duel tuner.

I have found plenty of posts that have upgraded the kernels of 10.04 to 2.6.28-10 and got it working. However when I updated the kernel for xbmc-live it broke the opengl rendering and xbmc wont start.

Any advise would be appreciated.

Was thinking of starting from an 11.04 server build of ubuntu as thats already got the latest formware. However every time ive tried installing xbmc-live the system boots to the ubuntu screen then goes no further.

I am new to linux so please forgive me if im missing something simple. Blush
hey mate,

ive just installed the winfast dtv2000ds in my server just the other day which is running ubuntu.

Couldnt get it to work to start with, but as soon as i updated to i think 10.10 it worked out of the box. Didnt need to do anything else.

I'd say updating should fix your problems.

also on my front end running xbmc live, which i updated to xbmc pvr, i also had the issue of xbmc not starting after updating.

i used 'sudo apt-get -y install xbmc-live' to fix that problem, might help you also?

hope that helps a bit, but who knows. im just a newbie with ubuntu aswell.
Well managed to finaly get the card working on an 11.04 desktop install last night. But for some reason my htpc build really doesnt like running xbmc off that setup as xbmc runs very slow on it.

Im begining to think it might be easier to just setup my server with tvheadend running of that. Was the plan all along anyway just wanted to make sure I could get everything running smoothly before forking out the cash for the server parts.

I probably have to learn how to get the card running on a freeNAS install which would probably bring me right back to were I am Oo

Linux is fun but man does it eat away the hours Nod
are you getting any errors in tvheadend at all?

i cant seem to get video on my server, but my frontend running xbmc i can see the pictures fine.

im getting in my logs for tvheadend,

MPEG2VIDEO @ #512: Continuity counter error
TELETEXT @ #576: Continuity counter error
Transport error indicator

and i cant record anything in xbmc.

just thought id ask seeing as we are both running tvheadend and the same tuners.

Sorry didnt check before I broke it all again Rolleyes

Ill have a look tonight when i get that part back up and running.

Another question.

Does anyone know how to upgrade the kernel for xbmc-live or what else i need to add after the kernel upgrade to fix XBMC-live? Getting openGL errors after the kernel upgrade?

Used to below commands to upgrade then restarted.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kernel-ppa/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.38-10-generic linux-image-2.6.38-10-generic
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