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Feeding back changes (python 2.7, portability, pkgsrc)
I'm looking at adding support to build xbmc to pkgsrc, initially for Linux and potentially for other platforms.

What would be the recommended way to feed back changes - one set of patches per feature/adjustment?

Assuming so I've started with the following, all against the 10.1 source:

Once I have a clean Linux build I hope to look at some BSD support, potentially trying to cleanup some of the ifdefs to make them more generic.

If anyone has any suggestions or pointers they would be most appreciated.

yeah, please one patch, one feature/change/fix.

it would also be highly appreciated if you used pull requests on github instead.
also, your patches are against 10.1. python has been severly changed in master, and those diffs are not needed any longer.
Thanks - have forked at github and will be submitting pull requests

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Feeding back changes (python 2.7, portability, pkgsrc)00