Search One File Directory in XBMC on ATV2?
Hi everybody,

I just wanted to say what a great thing XBMC is and how much I appreciate the time and effort it takes to do this stuff. It's completely changed my HT experience.

I'm not the most tech savy guy in the world and I have one hopefully quick question. I've looked through the forums and I can't find an answer or at least one that I understand. Here's the deal.

I guess I don't catalog everything like everyone else does around here. I've just got one big folder source with a ton of different files and folders in it and I'd like to be able to so sort of a desktop search that will just find anything that I type in. I've haven't seen a way to do this. I see the search option on the left in the video menu but it never finds anything and I'm presently adding music files to my library but is there anyway just to do a big search and get a hit list with all of the results that you can then play?

Hopefully it's not too dumb of a question. I used all of my limited tech skills just getting it setup. Smile

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If I recall correctly searching works well when you are using the library but is rather limited if you are not.
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I didn't think searching worked at all if you weren't using the library.

@tanyet: if you aren't using the library you need to use the search facilities provided by your operating system. The ATV2 OS doesn't offer any way to do this, but I assume the media is on a network server somewhere, and you could search that from your desktop PC.

Thanks for the reply guys. I'm not using the library so I guess that's why it's not working. I guess I'll stick to searching on the desktop and then locating the content through xbmc on the atv2. It would be cool to be able to search through a directory in xbmc though.
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