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got something real good for yall hope this gets the creative juices flowin xD
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this is so epic this guy is a genious this is what we need , damn , how insane would it be to use the frostbyte engine instead ey? xD

one word : epic!!!!

now it might not be ghost in the shell 3d interface but its 3d nonetheless , a Very good start indeed , time to get away from 2d interfaces its not the 90´s anymore xD

and heres a trailer of a map in action with ingame menu shortcuts as arcades and movies as well movies xD,

p.s: you might ask yourself what does this have to do with aeon ? well not much except that its gona integrate xbmc and i thought the thread fit perfectly here since this is the place were magic happens xD
Seems pretty cool, though little confused with how it would work. So everytime you startup XBMC you'd have to walk around and look for the film/TV show?

Sorry if I sound patronising, I literally am pretty damn confused over here.
no problemo bro , xD but all in all yeah but itd be like you can move the arcades or video wall to wherever you want on the map the map is fully customizable and for example like right when you get into the source arcade you could like add the

videolibrary like right next to you on the first floor plastering the entire wall with videos if thats what you want xD, then setup your game files as arcades scattered about ,

imagine it like this its like a real life arcade mixed with a video library xD, but it can do tons more , you can use it as a virtual desktop etc etc , add program shortcuts, its multifunctional

i did link you to the blog didnt i ?

p.s:as you can see i asked questions galore and we shall see what he says to my idea , since i think this would be awesome if implemented the right way

and deffinetly an eyecatcher for guests , youd be like well lets watch a movie or play a game you load up the arcade , theyll be like Huh?....what is this xD

and youre like this is my very own virtual arcade / video library

and theyre response: OMG THIS IS INSANE ....xD

and about xbmc i think hell mostly be using its internet scrapping features atleast thats how id do it since it would be kinda ridiculous to have 2 frontends running 1 in fullscreen and the other right next to it in small window xD

anyhow and its just damn epic thats all , atleast thats how i feel about it ,peace
Haha christ man, you're a bucket full aren't you! Word of the wise mate, when pitching an idea to someone who is as professional and seemingly mature as that lad, perfect your punctuation, I think he'd take you far more seriously. Just friendly advice is all.

I think I'd find it pretty damn awesome to give a test drive, but I think I speak for a lot of the XBMC when I say this, it's too much hassle. Most people want a simple screen, simple options and efficiency. This sounds like you'd spend about 20 minutes finding the film you want to watch, and I'd imagine after a few days, you'd find it tedious to run around. Might be cool at first, but I bet you, it'd grind on you.

Just my two cent man.
why is it epic? Just a 3d launcher. Hardly what xbmc needs. I'd ditch xbmc if it went this route.
well as said punctuation isnt my strong point xD

and id use it when i feel like using something extra special and if i feel like i want to visit an arcade get that nostalgic feeling you know what i mean?

and yeah no i wouldnt use it for my daily movie watching either -.-',lol

its supposed to be like a fun little app not an xbmc replacement -.-'

im sure you could come up with something better then, loggio? xD
wouldn't bother... lol.
Perhaps the mods can move this irrelevant post to another section?
thought so loggio xD
Putting to one side we know what gets your juices flowing Hentai -( CARTOON PORN)

Can you image if someone did this for you, how many pissed off threads because it doesn't do this or it doesn't do that posts you would create and make. It would be like a denial of service attack on the xbmc servers.
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roflmao youre funny toineb xD

p.s: surprisingly i watch hentai as i do Anime , Movies and everything else to appreciate the different

kinds of creativity animators and filmmakers try to express thats all.....

btw youd bed suprised at what gets my juices flowing and its not hentai , Rolleyes
Wow that's really... Pointless. A waste of CPU power.
well its a fun little app nonetheless xD

about cpu power , hmmm dun know id say it depends on youre rig

but it shouldnt take that much -.-', the orange box source engine is pretty lightweight

got something real good for yall hope this gets the creative juices flowin xD00