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[AppleTV/iOS] Known issues
This post is for listing known/verified issues with XBMC on iOS.
The hope is that any post that makes this list has already been verified beyond personal experience and has their own thread to link.


  • Only 2 viz's are ported for music, need to port the rest to openGLES.
  • Test patterns needs to be ported to openGLES(thanks Konrad77)
  • Turning off DTS/AC3 fixes buffering media on SMB/NFS sometimes (thanks Konrad77)
  • ISO Playback - Works on images that aren't CSS encrypted. This is because of libdecss. Someone port it to iOS, then maybe someone can look at it. ( Otherwise decrypt your iso's.
  • Thumbnails turning blue ( - possible solution here
  • Nightly build install hangs on iOS 4.3 (8F455), hit STRG+C when it hangs - this should continue the installation process
  • Deinterlacing of SD material stutters
  • No AirTunes support right now (AirPlaying of music...)

[AppleTV/iOS] Known issues00