Listitem iconimage or thumbnailimage ?

i would like to know the difference between seticonimage(...) and setthumbnailimage(...) , what graphically make the difference ?

could someone provide a constructor sample of such a listitem ?

alright i just looked at the cvs c++ code...

basically in the renderer there is code that says..

if (item.hasthumbnail)

so its just a priority thing where the thumbnail image will trump the icon one. otherwise its the same.

the constructor is
listitem([string label, string label2, string iconimage, string thumbnailimage])
thank you for those details !

it works with my script, results are very interesting! , i think this is a great feature for futur scripts.
Are there any more details on the difference between iconImage and thumbnailImage?

If both are set, is only thumbnailImage used? or are they used for different things?
Where do you think this fits best in the documentation, and I'll add the answer there.

The answer is: listitem.iconimage and listitem.thumbnailImage are distinct. If you have a thumbnail you should set it as the thumbnailImage. If you have an icon you should set it as the iconImage. If you have both set both. If you don't have one, don't set it.

What is displayed in the skin is up to the skinner. Usually they request a combination of the two via the ListItem.Icon function which will return the thumbnailimage if it is non-empty, else the iconimage. They can, however, display the icon directly using ListItem.ActualIcon or the thumb directly using ListItem.Thumb.

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Is there a best practices recommendation as far as which of those two images tends to be larger?

In other words, if I have the same image in two resolutions, what should I do?

I have been looking at:

the latter link lists two the values but does not give any hints as far as how they should be used.
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