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hi im new to all this . i have just installed xbmc on atv2 and am now stuck trying to ftp into it. some help would be greatly appreciated. im using win7 and smart ftp. do i need to enable something within xmc or atv2? is the u/name and p/word xbox xbox??
assuming it is the same as xbmc-live the username/ password would be xbmc/ xbmc.

i dont know if ftp is turned on by default. why dont you just use scp ?
thers no FTP server in xbmc, there may be a SFTP/SSH either case scp (old dinosaur) or sftp in with a sftp client.

username= what you setup (usually xbmc)
password= what you setup
Ip= Ip of box

then xbmc will have restricted permissions and you can only read/write to a very small amount of folders by default its /home/username/.xbmc/

to have proper access to all areas youll need to login with root specially if you want to change files.

SSH into sytem with putty or similar.
sudo su (then enter your password)
passwd root
choose a root password

to login as root

username= root
password= what you just setup
Ip= Ip of box

now the user name if its xbmc user name and whatever passwords you setup during install, its not set by default either, its whatever the user decides. In xbmclive your asked to create a user and passwords and allow or not root login. In a regular Ubuntu install your asked for username and password.

On other OS's you need to have own ftp server and or sftp depending as XBMC doesn't have a FTP server since xbox days, it uses what is setup with OS, if you dont have a server insalled you need to install and configure one.
Use sftp, the default login for jailbroken atvs is: User: root Password: alpine
Cyberduck is cross-platform and a good free way to get files on the atv2 (over sftp).

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