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GUI freeze when backend returns poor signal
There are several scenarios related to this:

The tcp connection to the backend is lost. In this case the player stops

The backend has no signal. In this case the addon can decide to submit dummy packets to the player. It will switch to displaying still frames and continue as soon as real packets come in again.

The backend decides to deliver garbage. In this case we rely on the error handing of ffmpeg.

What backend do you use? Please post a full debug log.
Thanks for your answer.
I'm using VDR (from yavdr ppa) with lastest release of XVDR plugin&addon from Pipelka and manio dvbapi-plugin (witch may initially cause a quick lost of signal).
You will find here a debug log of a session witch end on a freeze (on stop key) after playing few minutes.
I filter cec message for readability.
I think it's blocking here:
10:13:49 T:139914028234624 DEBUG: AddOnLog: VDR XVDR Client: DemuxAbort

pressing the stop key returns to the gui properly with tvheadend after the signal drops out for some reason, so it's very likely to be something in the add-on that you're using
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I don't see this kind of problem when using VNSI.
Thanks for your answer.
I was thinking that xvdr was more up to date than vnsi, but it's true that vnsi seems to have less bugs.
I still have few XBMC freezes but really less than before !
Moreover, no need to compile on Ubuntu as the addon is integrated in pulse-eight XBMC repository and the plugin in yavdr one.
For curiousity, what are the fundamental differences between this two addons ?

Anyway, I'm near to a perfectly working system Blush
You need to ask this question Alex Pipelka. He has implemented some new features in xvdr.

Let us know the remaining problems so we can fix them Smile
Like FernetMenta found in this thread , it was due to pulse-audio. Switching to alsa and it work fine.

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