DLNA video streaming problem
Please help me.

I am trying to use XBMC on Windows 7 64 bit to stream videos to a Samsung HDTV. The Samsung HDTV can see the XBMC DLNA server and its video library but no video will play. The Samsung's error message is unsupported codec. I know these codecs are supported because I am able to stream to the HDTV using Windows Media Player 12 as the DLNA server.

What could I be doing wrong?
Welcome to the XBMC forums... I don't know the kind of connection you have with your Samsung, but I can assure you that your Samsung is not a full blown computer and doesn't have the kind of codecs inside that can play most of the things XBMC will. XBMC is a media player much in the way that most media players work, by sending the video signal from the PC video to your panel via some sort of video port (HDMI, DVI-D, Component etc).. The Samsung probably has in place enough software to handle streams... and needs a direct net hook-up, so you may very well see content through the network port, but it's not going to stream as far as I know, and even if it should... it wouldn't have most of the codecs in place to enable it to decode and view.

You might have some luck with a streaming media player like VLC that passes on the stream to your Samsung via net address, but I would think there would be a substantial loss in quality and control.
My Samsung LN37D550 does have the codecs to play these files. They all play without problem from a USB drive connected to one of the Samsung's USB ports. All my 720P MKV files also play flawlessly when streamed to the Samsung via WMP12.

There are two possibilities. It may be that I don't have XBMC set up properly to stream video. The other possibility is that XBMC is not as competent as WMP12 in the role of a DLNA server. Since XBMC does have DLNA certification the problem is most likely faulty setup on my part.
The DLNA server in XBMC is pretty primitive, and I don't think there's much to set up so I doubt it's a mistake on your part.

It's odd that films will play from a USB drive directly connected to the TV but not from the XBMC DLNA server. As far as I know the XBMC DLNA server just streams the file contents without doing any modifications. It might be worth enabling debug logging on XBMC (System settings, System, Debugging) to see what the log file says when you attempt the DLNA connection. If you want to try this enable debug logging then restart XBMC, try to play the film on the TV then close XBMC again. Post the xbmc.log on pastebin.com.

A quick way to open the debug log is to press Windows-R and in the Run dialog type:


(including the quotes). Click OK and the log should open in Notepad. Copy and paste the log into pastebin.com and post the link it gives you here.

I have a similar problem that seems somewhat related. (I apologize in advance if it's a hijack of the thread.)
However, I have the issue with some (not all) mkv's not playing on both my WDTV Live and my WDTV Live Hub, using XBMC uPNP as the server. The files play fine using TVersity as the server, so I believe it to be a problem with XBMC's uPNP.
Here's my DEBUG LOG. I believe the issue starts at line 620 when I tried to play "Pirates of the Carribean - At World's End"

Just as a side note, I running the latest nightly.

I have the same problem.

File X play fine on a usb stick
File X play fine from windows 7 x64 media player to any player over dlna
File X from XBMC over dlna generate error in windows media player 11 & Samsung D7005

The XBMC is installed on a Ubuntu pc & files Are located on a windows 2011 Home Server raid array with ntfs file system.

Anyone that have some idea?
Hi all,

I'm using XBMC since a short time to stream content to a PS3 via the UPnP integrated server and everything is working great. I bought a Samsung blu-ray player (BD-D5700) recently and wasn't able to stream any content to it. It always display "Not supported file format" as other mentionned here but I'm able to read the same movie from a USB stick.

The problem comes from the way Platinum UPnP is handling DLNA. The Platinum SDK does not seem to send DLNA information to the client correctly. I troubleshooted the problem a bit and it seems the UPnP server is not sending some required stuff by the blu-ray player.

The blu-ray player is requesting DLNA features via a HTTP request header like this:

getcontentFeatures.dlna.org: 1

And its waiting to get something like this:

(This piece of information has been taken from a TVMobili Wireshark session)
contentFeatures.dlna.org: DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG4_P2_MP4_SP_AAC;DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_CI=0;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000
TransferMode.DLNA.ORG: Streaming

I was able to build a modified version of Platinum SDK that is able to stream content to my blu-ray player by adding these customs headers to the HTTP response. But the current version of the SDK is 0.6.4 and the XBMC version is 0.5.3. Moreover, this is a dirty hack since the Platinum SDK should add more headers in the response depending on the headers found in the request. For example, just at the moment the stream is requested by the client, this HTTP request header is sent:

getMediaInfo.sec: 1

Which result in the following response by TVMobili:

MediaInfo.sec: SEC_Duration=2667000;

So in conclusion, there is some work that must be done to be DLNA compliant and for now, the streaming on Samsung AllShare (DLNA implementation of Samsung) will not be possible out of the box. Maybe if there is a way to inject custom HTTP headers via an XBMC config option, this will be feasible. I will investigate further to see what could be done in the XBMC source code directly for this problem since I would like to stream content via XBMC.


I compiled a modified version of XBMC 10.1 (Dharma) that is able to stream Dvix and Xvid content to my blu-ray player. Mkv files still dont work but it is a small problem with the Content-Type response header which is not set properly.

If anyone having a Samsung blu-ray player or TV with AllShare is willing to try it out, I will send a link to the custom .exe file. I also pushed the hack I made to make it work on my Github account under the custom_dharma branch.

Here the link to the Github repository: custom_dharma

hehe, a fellow Montrealer Smile Welcome to the forums.

We don't have an active dev for UPnP so any pointers/help/patches are welcome. I suggest you create a thread in the "development" section of the forums with the information and link to the branch you posted here, it will get more attention.
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Hi Warknight,

I have here a Samsung LCD TV type D550 and i love to try your modified version of XBMC,

Hi Trickster,

I compiled this version on a Windows 7 system so it is a Windows specific version. I'm not able right now to provide a build for a Unix system but this could change.

My brother just bought a Samsung 55" D6500 TV and we tested the modified version with the TV and everything was OK. So, I assume it should work correctly with your TV.

Here the link to download the custom executable for Windows: XBMC.exe.

Just tell me if you are able to stream content to your TV with this version. I will leave instructions below to do the test just to be sure.

Hope it works Smile



1- Go where XBMC is installed (usually C:\Program Files\XBMC)
2- Rename XBMC.exe to XBMC.exe.old
3- Copy the custom exe in the current folder
4- Launch XBMC and test streaming to your TV
5- If it is not working or something else is broken, just delete the custom executable and rename XBMC.exe.old to XBMC.exe
A couple of questions before I test it.

Does it matter which nightly version I'm using?
And other changing than the location (Program Files x86), will it work on W7x64?

Mind telling us about the changes?
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vdrfan Wrote:Mind telling us about the changes?

https://github.com/maoueh/xbmc/commits/custom_dharma presumably.


Indeed, I think the nightly version you are using is important. The custom executable I linked is for the Dharma version of XBMC (10.1). Thus, I don't think the library format will match if you are using a newer version (pre-Eden I think). Problems could occur as I think library will not be downgraded, but I could be wrong.

If you tell me which nightly version you are using, I could probably compile a custom version with the changes I made in the Dharma version so you could test it.

For the Windows x64, I don't think they will be any problem since it seems that XBMC is 32 bits only (same thing for my custom version). Just use the right path as you mentionned in your previous post.

Moreover, note that mkv still don't stream correctly, at least on my samsung blu-ray player and on my samsung tv. I know what to do to make it work but I'm not there yet. This version is a quick hack to enable streaming on Samsung AllShare products (those I can test in fact Smile).

Don't hesitate to ask other questions if you feel the need to.


jhsrennie is right, changes are at this location on github. But to do a quick sum up, what I did is to add two custom HTTP response headers when a particular HTTP request header is present. This is a quick hack and the response headers I added should be customized depending on the content-type that need to be streamed. Moreover, mkv movies still don't stream at all, as I mentioned previously.

Also, I added a post in the development forum related to this post as suggested by CrystalIP. Check here for the post.

HTTP request header:
getcontentFeatures.dlna.org: 1

HTTP response headers added when request header above is found:
contentFeatures.dlna.org: DLNA.ORG_PN=MPEG4_P2_MP4_SP_AAC;DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_CI=0;DLNA.ORG_FLAGS=01500000000000000000000000000000
TransferMode.DLNA.ORG: Streaming

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