Allow ALL Xperience Views in "Programs" tab
I want to use the Xperience skin to manage some of my emulators in the Programs menu. However, I find that the view types I need are located in other sections (primarily the video and movie sections).

I’m sure this is a simple matter of just copying and pasting this info from one xml file to the other (as I’ve done this in the past with other skins).

Does anyone know what info needs to be moved and to what file to make ALL the views available in the “Programs” menu when I pull up the "change view" select screen?


I've been doing research here in some of the threads that people have posted their custom skins for Xperience as well as online...and I think I'm closer...but not quite there.

Today I tried editing some of the .xml files located in Documents and Settings>MYUSERNAME>Application Data>XBMC>addons>skin.xperience>720p.

First, I made sure that in the Include_Views.xml that the Viewtype_Walls.xml was listed under the section called "<include name="Other-Views">" toward the bottom. Then, I made sure that the Viewtype_Walls.xml ID (56) was also listed in the MyPrograms.xml file under "<view>50,59,53,56,66</view>"

Yet...I'm still unable to change the view of anything but the default in the Programs window of XBMC. Actually, there is only one view total, even though the .xml files suggest there should be more. My goal it to simply have the Slanted Wall view available in the Programs window.

Can anyone please tell me where I'm going wrong with this or point me in the right direction?
Change this

to this

but keep in mind that not all views are made to look properly in programs section.

My mod Xperience More, has also the Home Panels View in programs section.

nessus Wrote:My mod Xperience More, has also the Home Panels View in programs section.


Hell Nessus and thanks for the info! You've been my only savior to step in so far.

I tried your method and, unfortunately, simply changing the values in the view line did not work for me under the default Xperience skin. However, there is something very illogical about this that seems prevalent any time I try to mod...and it's driving me up a wall.

I'll use your Xperience MORE skin mod as an example...

Let's look at both the Include_Views and MyPrograms files:

In the Include_Views file, you can clearly see that under the "Other-Views" section it has three views listed that should be available when using this option:

Quote:<include>Viewtype-File Mode</include>

Now let's look at the MyPrograms in your mod:

Here we see two things. Firstly that, under the "Controls" list we see that "Other-Views" is listed, as you can see here:


Secondly, we see at the top in the "views" line you have included both ID's of 50 and 68 (which match the ID's of the Viewtype-File Mode.xml and Viewtype_Programs_Panels.xml accordingly).


NOW! Here is where 2+2 SHOULD equal 4 BUT it doesnt...

The view ID for the Viewtype_Walls (found in the Pictures panel of XBMC) is 56. We've also established above that it's listed in line 2 of "Other-Views" WHICH IS LISTED IN THE MyPrograms.xml FILE.

So now I get to my question:

Theoretically I should be able to just simply add the number 56 to the already present <views>50,68</views> line and BOOM...the wall view should be available for selection in the Programs panel.

BUT THIS DOES NOT WORK WHEN I TRY IT. It's the same for either skin. Sad

You have to add Window.IsVisible(programs) to the visible condition of the panel control.
`Black Wrote:You have to add Window.IsVisible(programs) to the visible condition of the panel control.

Hello Black and thanks for following up!

This type of info seems to be those little missing pieces of the puzzle that may make sense out of all this here on my thanks!


I opened the Viewtype_Walls.xml with my XML Editor and did a search for "Window.IsVisible" so see where this appears in the XML file so I could add the needed data for (Programs).

However, it appears multiple times over many different lines (ranging from 1-600) and many instances repeating itself. Could you point me in the right direction as to what line or lines I need to focus on?

Thanks! Wink
Line 408, 425 & 460. Add " | Window.IsVisible(programs)" and it should work.
`Black Wrote:Line 408, 425 & 460. Add " | Window.IsVisible(programs)" and it should work.


Just tried your method. WORKED LIKE A CHARM! Now I'm really getting some traction here. Thanks to Black and nessus bigtime!

On a related note, I'm trying to get the Custom Favorites Panels (up to four available) on the Home Panels menu. I can add the panel, give it a name and set the icon but I'm unable to set the actual Favorite for it (even though my actual Favorites menu has many folders listed). When I try to select this in the Settings>Customization>Custom Favorites 1 option, it just loads a blank screen.

Any thoughts?
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