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[REQUEST] Demand 5 - Channel 5
Not sure if anyone has looked into this one before...

It would make a great addon. They have recently released an iOS app.
I'd agree with that, now that BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4OD are all available, this is the one 'terrestrial' UK broadcaster without a XBMC presence.
You can AirPlay demand 5 On iPad 2

While i agree that it's available on the iPad and iPhone and can be airplayed, I too don't want to have to AirPlay 5 content to XBMC every time I want to watch something? It's restrictive, means I can't surf/text/take calls at the same time etc and imposes unnecessary restrictions.

A native Plugin would be better... I'd love to see someone do this.

I'm sure a lot of 5 content is hosted on YouTube on their demand 5 channel, perhaps it can be scraped from there?
I would also love to see an xbmc plugin for Demand 5
there's itv player and 4od? where? Smile
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you can airplay and still surf, text what ever . use the multitasking.
bladeds Wrote:you can airplay and still surf, text what ever . use the multitasking.

That's not really the case now is it... I can't face time while air playing, my kids can't play angry birds (or any other game) while air playing, I can't surf the web or iTunes to listen to or watch previews of muisc or movie trailers or guides or tuts etc while air playing, I can't do a lot of things while air playing even when using apples "multitasking" ... It means if we air play an episode of home and away (which I hate but she loves) I can't just zone out and check out new trailers, play games etc for 30 minutes as the iPads is in use... Unnecessary restrictions!

Plus, not everyone has an iPad or iOS device.

A native app is by far the more elegant solution.
I agree that a Demand 5 plugin would be fantastic especially as it remains the only terrestrial channel without a dedicated addon. Hopefully someone will figure it out soon.

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