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Any chance for Refocus support with xbmc flicks? I attempted to use the Slide viewtype for xbmcflicks myself but unfortunately my little knowledge on the matter wasn't enough to figure it all out.
I'm not sure what it would need to be supported. Probably the slide viewtype isn't available for you to select when using xbmcflicks?
If so, I might be able to do something about that. Problem is I don't have netflix, nor am I able to get it, not being in the US. So I won't be able to test it first. Also, the plugin doesn't seem to be available on the pre-Eden xbmc repo.

edit: nvm, found the git for xbmcflicks, will try out something
Great thank you! All I have done so far i messed with the video library xml to try to add slide as a vietype option. I got it to show up in the viewtype menu, but when selected it displays it as a list view so no progress there Smile Thank you for the help!
I just pushed a commit to the reFocus git, don't know if this will take care of everything yet but I was at least able to get it to show the plugin's default images:


Probably going to need to do some more tweaks for plot descriptions and such to show up (I assume the plugin provides these?), let me know how it works out
Working great, plot and everything! You did that amazing fast thank you very much!

Edit: So plots on certain items in the que wont show up and some do. I'm assuming this is an issue with the plugin though not able to retrieve the plot info. Thanks again!
Great Smile since that was an easy fix making the thumbnails views available would be nice too I think, so I'll do that later.

About the plots, seems to me it's an issue with the plugin. Might be worth checking if the result is the same in Confluence too though, just to be sure.

edit: is there other info showing too? Like genre and year, below the title?
genre and year both show up and length tries to but is displayed as 0 minutes for all videos.

Thanks again for working on this! I wasn't expecting such timeliness Smile

And results are the same in Confluence, so I am assuming it is a plugin issue
If we looked at the git changes and just addded the plugin.programs.advanced.launcher shoudn't this work as well?
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