Movie sets not working for smart playlists?
(2012-05-14, 01:31)oleroc Wrote: PS! I don't want to disable set view globally of course.
PS2 The reason kids movies are in a set, is I want them under 1 Icon in Movies, and not mixed with all the other movies.


One alternative is to use login profiles and keep the collections separate and independent. I find that safer as there is no risk of the kids either playing a movie that isn't suitable for them as well as seeing images in the fanart that may be unsuitable.
Have searched and this seems the most appropriate place to ask.

Any way to flatten sets in a smart playlist?

Have the global option enabled and working fine in the library.
Also have a smart playlist that gives me the top 25 unwatched movies in my library based on their IMDB rating, but sets are placed at the top even when the individual movie should be lower down the list somewhere.
It's an old thread but I can't find an answer anywhere Confused I have a similar problem to the person above.

I have my movies in a smart playlist organised by 'Random'. I also like using movie sets.
The problem is, the movie sets are pushed to the start of my playlist, instead of mixed in randomly.

Is there anything I can do to change this?
hey there i have sort of the same prob but i want to box mine up so it has the boxset cover and the movies inside and not all one big list is there any way to do that please
thx for reading
any one ??
I dont like having the kids movies in with my movies. So I planned on having two separate listings on the kodi main menu and do it by making separate playlists for each to filter it.

One smart playlist browses to the kids movies folder the other is mine. Got it all set up. looks great, except all the movies that are in sets are missing. I see that it was changed to not include sets. I dont want to get rid of movie sets.

Is there any other way to have the kids movies on kodi, but not included in the main movies menu?

The only other way I can see is to just add the folder and not assign it to anything. Which means the only way to access it is to go into "movies", then back the menu up, then back it up again, then go to "files" then go into the kids movies folder. Pain to do it that way and also there is no cover art/details.
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