XAMPP on Apple TV 2
Hi guys, I tried to install XAMPP on my Apple TV2 but still I have problem with start of xampp after installation:

Starting XAMPP for MacOS X 0.7.3...
XAMPP: File permissions are being checked... this may take a while.
/Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/mampp: line 64: /Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/bin/fix_rights: Bad CPU type in executable
/Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/share/xampp/phpstatus: line 4: /Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/bin/php: Bad CPU type in executable
XAMPP: Starting Apache with SSL ...
XAMPP: Error 126! Couldn't start Apache!
XAMPP: Starting diagnose...
XAMPP: Sorry, I've no idea what's going wrong.
XAMPP: Please contact our forum http://www.apachefriends.org/f/
/Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/mampp: line 189: /bin/hostname: No such file or directory
XAMPP: Starting MySQL...
/Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/mampp: line 199: sudo: command not found
XAMPP: Starting ProFTPD...
XAMPP: /Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/mampp: line 225: /Applications/xampp/xamppfiles/sbin/proftpd: Bad CPU type in executable
XAMPP: Error 126! Couln't start ProFTPD!
XAMPP for MacOS X started.

I already tried to install xampp version 0.7.1 - 0.7.4 but still same errors. Any ideas how to fix it, please?
the ATV2 doesn't run Mac OS X. You are trying to run software on the ATV2 that the ATV2 cannot run. It's like trying to play a PS3 game on an Xbox360.
ppc/i386 binaries will not run on arm processors "Bad CPU type in executable", you need to cross-compile XAMPP to arm.
I don't get why this was even posted here
I want to sharing my library across the Apple TV 2 and iPad on the network throught using MySQL Server. XAMPP with apache/MySQL is way but only for intel processor - it is working on Apple TV 1st gen but not on Apple TV 2.
Is there any way ho to install MySQL server on Apple TV 2, please?
Moving the original thread here back. Borderline XBMC for iOS related, and the second time this week someone has asked this so I'm guessing only more will do the same.

Right now, no. At least no one has tried with XBMC. There are scattered postings on the internet here and there about people who have tried and claimed to have gotten mysql working on iOS, but no one has tried the two together.

We can't help you much here with getting the mysql part to work (a whole other can of worms and crosses the off-topic line), but if you or someone else can get mysql to be installed on iOS then we might be able to help in getting XBMC to use it. Running XBMC and mysql at the same time might also come with issues, but at the very least it could, in theory, be possible.
Apple-TV:~ root# apt-cache search sqlite3
sqlite3 - embedded database used by iPhoneOS
sqlite3-lib - represents the library for SQLite

you have an huge apt-get iOS repository at your finger tips Smile
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