<onclick> query
This is probably a really simple solution but I can't seem to find it.

I just want to define the enter key to an <onclick> how would I do it?

At the moment I have my low list view as such...


Then when I press right it shows some more info...


What I want to be able to do is still select the TV Show when you're viewing the info, rather than having to go back to the list. I'm sure it's just a simple <onclick> but can't figure out what it is :p !

Thanks in advance.
when You show that extra info set <onclick>SendClick(10025,50)</onclick> on some buton You focus
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pieh Wrote:when You show that extra info set <onclick>SendClick(10025,50)</onclick> on some buton You focus

Ok I've tried that...

<control type="button" id="7002"> <!--lowlist info-->

That's what the button code looks like, but when I press enter nothing happens?
Anybody have any other ideas?
should work.

EDIT: nevermind, tv shows don't work like that
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