[standard skin] Change pause pop-up location
Love the standard skin, But could you change the pause pop-up location.

As the position its now is a bit of a pain, as a i watch a lot of anime, the problem is only those Japanese can talk really fast, sometimes faster then i can read.

I use the pause button, but then the info popup is covering the text, could that popup be relocated, out of the subs space ?


Simple operation lots of viewing pleasure for me, if some one is willing to do it.
Pretty sure I already moved it up there in the nightly versions
Hi Jezz, tnx it's lots and lots better then it was.

But not to nag, would it be possible to move it to the side? (stupid end users always nag anyway)

As they often move the subs or ad subs to the top in animation, because they have Japanese text at the bottom, or to explain something.

Click to enlarge.
Image Image Image
Starting text . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . explanation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Japanese (scrolling) text

But as you can see in the above images, to the side would be even better.
And as a animation fan, i can tell this happens very often.
This would be imho the best solution.

Tnx for all your work and hope you also think moving would be a good plan :-)

It just looks wrong if it would be on side IMO
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(2012-06-23, 16:01)Martijn Wrote: It just looks wrong if it would be on side IMO

I agree, actually in the MOD have moved it back down again. I feel you can always raise the posi of subtitles

Noli illegitimi carborundum

(2012-06-23, 16:22)Mudislander Wrote: I feel you can always raise the posi of subtitles
Having subs almost in the middle of your screen, that looks just wrong to me, there is a reason why they are at that location they are standaard, and moving up my subs, just because of the location of the pause pop-up feels even more wrong to me.

(2012-06-23, 16:01)Martijn Wrote: It just looks wrong if it would be on side IMO
I agree without subs, nicest place is at the bottom.

And that is properly fine for +95% of the users.

But for those ware it is a problem, it can actually be a pain. (try reading the text in the middle example above)

So, for the +95% of the people having the pause popup on the side is a minimalistic esthetic nuisance.

For the people that like manga animation it would be really a great plus. (for it would be at least, as i don't understand a word those quick talking Japanese say)

But its not to me to diced, but sometimes its nice if a small minority gets helped out, as there is no real downside then some minimal esthetics for the large majority.

And you only see it during pauses, personally it looks fine to me, and i don't really see the problem.

But that are just my two cents.

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[standard skin] Change pause pop-up location0
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