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Mount network optical drive as where local drive
Would be great to have the option to mount a dvd disc, via the network, as where it present in a local optical drive.

Now, i can acces the Vobs etc via file add location, but it doesn't let me mount an dvd like it is not over the network. So including a 'optical' drive shortcut in the main menu, with the option to automount/play the disc in de the drive where it is pointed towards.

A lot of mediaplayers don't come along with an opticall drive, but we might stille have our old collection to play Smile
I use the skin Aeon Nox and it has "play disc" on it's main menu so it should already be possible. At least in Eden.

Sorry just read again and missed the part you want it over network.
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I'm not sure if this will work. However, if you're using windows you may be able to create a symbolic link to the network optical drive from your PC. I'm very skeptical that it would even work but may be worth a shot.

Mount network optical drive as where local drive00