Fanart on Main Menu (Noob question)
Sorry for such a noob question but done some google searches and cant find anything.

How do I get various fanart on the main menu page as the background?

The method I have tried is grabbing the fanart out of Program Files/XBMC and copying the folder but cant find the fan art in the XBMC folder (its not in Userdata).

Any help world be great. Thanks!
use this addon

then point the backgrounds to the correct folders
[Image: isamu_dragon.png]
thank you but the links aren't working! And am I correct in thinking that the tool will split the fan art from the video/tv show files?
here is a new link for the Dharma one
[Image: isamu_dragon.png]
thanks for your help. However, I put the script in the folder XBMC/addons and when I try to run it on XBMC, it says script failed. Am I doing it right?
What version of XBMC (dharma or nightly)?
Which script?
[Image: isamu_dragon.png]
I am using Dharma. The script is the file you linked me to. Its called I copied and pasted it to the XBMC addon folder but it when I try to run it in XBMC it say script failed.
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