Missing coverart??

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Hi all,

I am new to using xbmc and really loves it, just one thing I am having troubles with.

I have added my Nas Harddrive to xbmc but i can't seem to figure out why its only shows a folder instead of a cover when scrolling through my movie collection. On my Nas Harddrive I like to have it organized, so I have created a folder for every movie and in each folder is included the subtitles for it. When i click on the folder name of the movie and able to select the movie it shows the fanart and cover.

Why can't i get it to show the cover where it has a folder? So i can have it organized in my hard drive?

Thanks in advance
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Ned Scott Offline
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Scan the files so they are added to the library. Select the parent folder for your movies and bring up the contextual menu (right click or press "c"). select "set content", fill out the info, make sure "run automated scan" is checked.

Also make sure the file names are correct.

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