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Question  WLAN to INFRARED ...
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i'm using the !great! xbmc-remote on my android galaxy tab to control my XBMC. unfortunately my tv does not support any other interface except the standard infrared remote.
my idea is to build a converter from (W)LAN to infrared and eleminate the remote of the the TV. i'll mount an infrared emitting diode in front of the ir-sensor of the tv and control this ir-diode by user-defined controls (volume, program, ..) given via the (W)LAN interface to the tv.

i think i'm able to build this (W)LAN to infrared device, but how do i send custom commands from the XBMC-remote to my WLAN-ir-converter :confused2:

- is there a standard API for the XBMC remote?
- are there already user defined keys/buttons where i send specific commands via the LAN?
- etc.

hope i've described my plan/ideas in an understandable way Smile

thx for all comments and ideas,
br andy
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If you want to control your TV with your phone then you will need to know your TV IR-codes/commands. not XBMC.

The XBMC android remote controls the XBMC aplication on your PC via the network. It's not designed to control TV's
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nmaraujo Offline
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you can use lirc to control your tv... check this: http://servidorladecasa.blogspot.com/
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Nacmacfeegle Offline
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I terms of hardware for this, devices already exist, Global Cache Itach for example, Keene electronics IP2IR devices.
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joeranjensen Offline
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Maybe this little gadget is what your looking for - Logitech Harmony Link.

I believe this is going to be under the christmas tree this year. To myselfe
From myselfe
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