[REQUEST] Access the Boxee Queue/Watch later List
I used boxee software on my pc for a few years and built up quite a queue of online videos using the boxee queue/watch later function. I would love to be able to utilize this easy video bookmarking in xbmc. Access my old links but also new ones that I add.

There is an awesome chrome plugin that makes it super easy to add.. There is also an android app that makes this very easy

Hoping there is more interest out there for an easy way to bookmark youtube/vimeo videos and play in xbmc

This didnt attract any interest.. is there another plugin people are using to get this functionality?
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A myplex-like queue and watch later feature would be great!
I'd also like something like this. I've just moved from a Boxee Box to a HTPC and it's a feature of Boxee that I miss
I REALLY!!!! Miss this feature, its something my wife and I used a lot. We used the Boxee Chrome extension to add youtube movies we stumbled apon during the week or at work. We then would sit down at the TV every once and awhile and watch them off the Boxee Queue.

There is a XMBC Chrome extension for youtube videos, but it doens't add them to a queue list, it just starts playing them on XBMC immediately.

The other feature I miss is the social media feed Boxee has, where it pulls in any videos posted by friends on Facebook and Twitter.
I recently switched away from Plex because of playback problems, and not having the myPlex queue functionality is a huge bummer. IMO, Plex (and boxee apparently) solved the whole "I want to watch online videos on my TV" problem. It's such a brilliant and elegant feature. Hopefully one day we'll see it on XBMC.
Actually this is one of the features I loved the most about Boxee for Windows, and I really miss it after going to XBMC. However I recently started experimenting with Plex because it has it.

However.. Plex doesn't have Airplay support. GRR.
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[REQUEST] Access the Boxee Queue/Watch later List00