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My XBMC Venture
I started looking into getting back into the HTPC gig a few weeks ago and I've landed on XBMC. Thanks to the amazing contributors to this forum, I'm well on my way.

I'm chronicling my journey in my blog (which prior to these posts had been long dormant). Even though I'm keeping these blog notes mostly for myself and a friend who is considering doing the same thing, there might be some tidbits there of use to someone else, however, be warned, there's little there that isn't already present here on these forums from the likes of eskro or poofyhairguy (a huge thanks to you guys for your relatively up-to-date guides!).

I'm at the hardware stage of the game, so that's why I'm posing in the hardware forums. There are no ads on my blog, so no, I'm not trying to drive traffic or anything.

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My XBMC Venture00