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FileBot TV Renamer and Subtitle Downloader
FileBot is the ultimate TV Renamer and Subtitle Downloader. Instantly organize all your TV Shows and Movies. It just works. Easy.

FileBot is really smart about matching your episodes or movies with online data from sources like TVRage / AniDB / TheTVDB or OpenSubtitles / IMDb / TheMovieDB. The naming format and folder structure FileBot will apply to rename your media files is completely up to you. It's extremely powerful and customizable but at the same time really quite simple.

Fetching subtitles has never been easier neither. FileBot will automatically lookup subs from various sources and intelligently match them to your media files. Just drag your files in and FileBot will do the rest.

The GUI is extremely efficient, it's all just a matter of 2-3 drags/clicks. But if you're the really lazy kind, you can automate just about anything using the fully-featured cmdline interface.

Official website, forums and downloads:

Here's a video demo:


Check it out!~
I am in awe. Installing now for the subtitles. I am currently using Subliminal by Diaoul if ou want to help him / take some of his code or whatever
looks really nice Smile
good work

Would it be possible to support "Multiple TV shows on DVD" as well?
They need a special naming on filesystem... (on the surrounding folders)

I'm thinking of:
(- setup series out folder)
- drag & drop .iso / video_ts folder (as is)
- enter Series
- go online and get episodes/seasons (maybe with DVD ordering seen on tvdb)
- promt a dialog, to allow the mapping of DVDs<-> multiple Episodes checkbox
- create, rename & move folder in above XBMC folder structure...

Big Grin
tinyMediaManager - THE media manager of your choice :)
Wanna help translate TMM ?
Changes Summary:
+ movie naming scheme
+ support move/rename in CLI
* support series startdate bindings for tv shows
* support release year binding {y} for movies and tv shows
* added binding for video {source} (DVDRip, BluRay, etc)
* added binding for release {group} (aXXo, etc)
* added simple binding for audio channels {af} (e.g. 6ch)
* added bindings for multi-part movies {pi}{pn}
thanx! will check it out... have a spanish guy moving in and want to grab spanish subs for.... well all my content Smile
This program is by far the best renaming tool i have used yet. It is very flexible and uses "fuzzy logic" if it has trouble with other episodes.

So far the only problems I have had with it were corrected by the creator quickly, or were the DB's error.

It's the only program I use for my renaming needs.
FileBot 2.2 is out now!~ Remember Remember the 5th of November~

+ added awesome new Groovy-based scripting interface
+ heavily improved matching for files without SxE/airdate marker or matching multiple tv shows at once
+ support move/rename to different volumes, i.e. physically move files (requires Java 7)
* improved search behaviour for AniDB, TheTVDB, Serienjunkies
* added language selection combobox in Episodes panel
* added {sdhd} binding, SD/HD depending on video resolution
* support {y} binding on Serienjunkies data
* support printing mediainfo via CLI
rednoah42 , thanks for very nice looking app. I'd like to use it for subtitles downloading with hazel ( i like how I can tell hazel to fire of at certain time , for example 24 hours after I file new TV show episode ).

For some reason I can not get your script to run once hazel initiates. Hazel runs only shell scripts and identifies file being processed as $1.

I've never heard of Groovy but I'm guessing it has something to do with it Smile and that's why script is not running. I used your folder sample, but i changes folder for file to no avail.
So what does hazel do exactly? On what OS? Linux? Just try running filebot manually in the console and see if it works. Make sure paths etc are set up. You can script filebot with bash no problem, it's just another command.

Hazel http://www.noodlesoft.com/hazel.php is very flexible file/folder watching Mac OS app.

I'd like to run your subtitles script on all files identified by rules i set up in Hazel. So for example i'd set up to run your script every hour for 24 hours on new file that arrives in specified folder/subfolders. That way once subtitles are uploaded to opensubtitles.org script will download it.

I did not find any scripts on the forums that I could try to modify and scripts on the website are too generic. (mostly folder lookup scripts).

I guess it would take a lot of effort (parsing file name ($1)) with regular expressions etc ...
I'm still not quite sure what you are trying to do. Get subtitles for recently arrived movies? Just let Hazel call the CLI for every new movie. Or are you just wondering about arguments passing?

Fetch subtitles:
filebot -get-subtitles "$1" ($1 can be folder or file)

Argument passing when batch processing via Groovy script:
filebot -script "path/to/script.groovy" $1 ($1 is passed as args[0] in the Groovy script)

I guess your problem might be that there is no "filebot" script because OSX appbundles are not designed for CLI tools.

That's what Google turned up for running app bundles with args:
open -n path/to/AppName.app --args -AppCommandLineArg
thanks again.

dexter s01e01 has multiple subtitiles on all sites.

sh-3.2$ /Applications/FileBot.app/Contents/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub -get-subtitles /Volumes/Volume3TB/mpg_foreign1/\!TV\!/Dexter/Season\ 1/Dexter\ -\ S01E01.mkv
Looking up subtitles by filehash via OpenSubtitles
Looking up subtitles by filehash via Sublight
No matching subtitles found: /Volumes/Volume3TB/mpg_foreign1/!TV!/Dexter/Season 1/Dexter - S01E01.mkv
Done ?(?????)?

It found for Bones S02E02

sh-3.2$ /Applications/FileBot.app/Contents/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub -get-subtitles /Volumes/Volume3TB/mpg_foreign1/\!TV\!/Bones/Season\ 2/Bones\ -\ S02E01.avi  
Looking up subtitles by filehash via OpenSubtitles
Fetching [tpz-bones201.srt]
Writing [tpz-bones201.srt] to [Bones - S02E01.srt]
Done ?(?????)?

Alright, directly running the ApplicationStub with args is no problem then.

This is how subtitles lookup works right now:
1. Lookup by video hash (find subtitles that match your file signature)
2. Lookup by filename (find subtitles that exactly match your filename)
(Note that for 2. u need to specify --q for looking up the movie/show)

So SxE is not considered. I may add that in later versions if there is enough demand for this. Though best way to lookup subs is obviously by unique file signature.
1, that makes sense but for some reason subscene lookup is not initiated. is that becasue i have not run it with --q and subscene does not support lookup by video hash ?

2, I will see how many srt files get downloaded based solely on video hash and report back. I think podnapisi site ( a little more stable and faster than opensubtitle.org ) also supports look up by video hash.

I do want to keep my naming scheme (TV Shows/Name of the Show/Season x/TV Show name - S01E01.ext) as this way it gets recognized by just about any media center therefore file name lookup is for now not gonna work.

Thanks again and I shall keep you updated.
1. Yep, only OpenSubtitles and Sublight support hash lookups. Without --q there's only hash lookups.

2. I know podnapisi, as far as i know there is no XML/JSON/etc API, only people scraping the page, like what I do with subscene right now.

PS: Worked the whole day on super-charging the -get-subtitles CLI. FileBot 2.3 will auto-detect the query (like with -rename /tvshow), then match subtitles names with filenames (like matching episodes with files) and finally fetch subtitles for you, all auto-magically.
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